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4 SEO Growth Hacks For Startups To Dominate Search Results

If you are reading this, higher chances are that you are in dire need to see traffic flowing into your site. The thing is, however, that stellar search rankings do not happen overnight, and neither should they take longer than usual.

You have untapped resources out there to help your website appear on the first pages of search engines. But as you might be aware, traditional Search Engine Optimization strategies might not apply or be as useful in this new era. To better understand what you need to do, below are four SEO growth hacks for startups to dominate search results.

1. Improve On-Page Experience

Conventional wisdom suggests that factors such as domain age or backlinks can improve the on-page experience. While this might have some truths in it, there’s more to improving on-page experience than meets the eye. To dominate search results, there are aspects that you should consider optimizing. These include:

  • Improving page loading speed
  • Enhanced titles and improved description copies to boost Click-Through Rate (CTR)
  • Ensuring your site’s mobile-friendliness
  • Including social signals on the site’s landing pages
  • Make your site easy to navigate

2. Invest In Influencer Marketing

Before you get sidetracked with what influencer marketing is and isn’t, you need to first consider what it can do to your startup.

Essentially, you’ll have to identify the right influencers within your niche, strategically position yourself within their sphere of influence, and return a favor or two as nothing comes for free. This can go a long way in improving your organic and inorganic dominance.

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3. Hire A Dedicated Team Of SEO Specialists

Today more than ever before, SEO specialists have become game changers in a digital marketspace that’s ever-evolving. And with search algorithms changing all so often, SEO is literally becoming more and more complex for business owners to DIY.

Thankfully, professional minds and hands are out there and willing to help for a fee if you care to look. Hiring a team of SEO experts can greatly help boost your profit margins and ROI.

Nonetheless, not everyone who has an SEO job description or title will be fully acquainted with the best SEO practices.

This is all the more reason to get your facts before hiring anyone. You’ll want a team that will help you dominate rankings within the shortest time and as portrayed by the Online Marketing Gurus, utilization of clear-cut and laser-focused strategies shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Hiring highly experienced professionals to propel your SEO strategies has many advantages, some of which include:


Hiring a team of SEO specialists provides you with a lot of room for flexibility. Most specialists in this field have what is known as a multi-pronged approach when it comes to helping your startup gain momentum. Such might include viral marketing, boosting social networking, or blogging.

An Expert SEO Agency Is Result Oriented

Reputable SEO companies that have a name to protect will first and foremost analyze your website before implementing any techniques. Such pre-audits are a great start as they help provide insights on the best strategies to utilize.

Full Access to SEO Tools

If you are running your SEO in-house, it probably means that you’ll be limited in terms of the SEO tools you can access. On the other hand, hiring an SEO agency means that you’ll have access to some of the best SEO tools, eventually at a lower cost.

4. Understanding Your Competitors

To build a successful business whether offline or online, you must never underestimate your competitors. There’s a good reason why they are doing better, ranking higher, attracting the right audience, and why they have higher conversion rates. Carefully consider things like their keywords usage, the quality of their content, and backlink strategies among others.

Ranking higher and dominating search results won’t always be an easy task. You must put in the work if you are to be ahead of your competitors. For startups, it means coming up with reasonable and executable strategies when optimizing for search. The above SEO hacks can be a great starting point for your business.

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