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15 Powerful Strategies to Deliver More Clients to Your SEO Agency

No matter how many hours you spend working on your products and perfecting your services, your business’s future growth depends on one factor; your marketing effort’s ability to generate and retain more clients.

15 Powerful Strategies to Deliver More Clients to Your SEO Agency

Getting new clients to your business sounds very simple and doable. However, customer acquisition is one of the most difficult things for businesses, especially due to a lack of opportunities.

If your SEO agency doesn’t adjust your marketing efforts and stay updated on current market changes, you may find your business struggling to maintain the sales funnel.

This blog will list 15 different actionable things you can do to acquire new customers. These things include:

1. Consider Content Marketing

Posting content on your website and social media platforms is the backbone of any marketing and advertising strategy. That’s because the content you publish will attract potential clients to your page. Content could include email, blog posts, guides, high-quality photos, videos, and eBooks.

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Content marketing will help you generate three times as many leads and potential customers as other digital marketing efforts. It is also cost-effective as it is 62% cheaper than other marketing strategies.

Publishing news and unique content consistently is the only way to ensure your brand is relevant to your target audience. Refreshing and updating your old content will show your target audience that your brand is proactively involved in the industry. It will also help you build consumer trust in today’s world filled with false advertising.

2. Try Targeted Advertising

Is your business generating enough new customers from your current marketing efforts? Targeted advertising is the best way to generate new customers. However, it requires you to define your target consumers based on their behavior and other details.

You should ask yourself the below questions when considering targeted advertising:

  • Where does my target audience live?
  • What are their dislikes and likes?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What is the age bracket of my target audience?
  • What does my target audience do to earn a living?
  • What are the problems that my target consumers are facing, and how can I solve them?

Market segmentation is essential to help you target the right audience. You can segment your target consumers based on geographic information, demographics data such as gender, social status, age, psychographics, and behavior. Psychographic information includes the consumers’ attitudes, lifestyle, interests, values, and personality.

The best place to start with targeted advertising is retargeting your old clients. While this effort may come across as a retention task instead of acquisition, this may not be the case. Look at customers who haven’t bought your products for years.

A customer who hadn’t been interacting with your brand or purchasing your products for numerous years may not be considered a client. Clients should be active in using their money on your business.

Getting such clients back to purchasing your products will be a re-acquiring effort. The client will be like a new client of your business.

Please take advantage of their past interaction with your brand and obtain their contact information. You can use this information to contact them and offer them an enticing offer to gain their business back.

3. Create Business Networks and Partnerships

Not every business in your niche is your competitor. There is a high probability that there are numerous complementary companies in your industry. Such organizations often have a related customer base to your business.

Below are some of the most effective ways to create business partnerships:

  • Exchange blogs and guest posts with related sites
  • Collaborate with other brands on their YouTube videos
  • Promote your content on the social media platforms of digital influencers
  • Co-produce newsletters and eBooks

For example, business software development and integration companies have complimentary services with digital marketing service companies. They also have the same customer base in the same industry. Clients looking for a business software developer may also be paying for digital marketing and SEO services.

SEO agencies could create a mutually beneficial relationship with a business software development company. This way, you will be gaining a new customer base while also creating a relationship with another business.

4. Generate Leads From Your Website

Businessman hand press button web link icon

No matter how well-maintained and professional your website is, it’s not worth the effort if it doesn’t generate new customers. One of the best ways to generate new leads is by using search engine optimization. You can also include post-click pages to help you capture relevant customer information, such as their contact details.

This will help you improve the sales funnel and ultimately increase your profits. The post-click page is often the top page a client will see when they visit your site. Thus, they will connect it to your business.

5. Focus on the Profits Instead of Features

Listing and website features can help you quickly sell a product or service. However, always remember to focus more on customer experience (CX). Ensure you highlight the benefits your customers stand to gain by purchasing your products and services.

You can also highlight your company’s unique selling point. Why should your target customers purchase your product instead of your competitors’? When creating content for your site, you can talk about your features and products briefly then focus the rest of the article on benefits.

Consider what your customers’ problems are and how your products could solve these issues. This will go a long way in helping your brand stand out. It will also show your customers the qualities that make your products and services unique.

6. Be Very Opportunistic

As a business owner, you must keep looking for business opportunities. For example, if you run an SEO agency, you could check different websites for issues and genuinely offer to help such businesses. For instance, if you found duplicate content on their blog posts, you could help them better optimize their SEO campaigns.

While this strategy may not directly impact client acquisition, being friendly and nice to consumers will help you grow through word-of-mouth marketing. The person you helped will tell a friend who will be curious about your services and visit your site, increasing traffic.

7. Be Active On Social Media

According to research, the regular internet user may have over seven social media accounts today. Thus, if you don’t have any social media page for your business, you will be risking failure as you will not reach a huge percentage of your target market.

Most of your competitors may already have social media accounts, and you are not reaching this chunk of consumers. Having an account on different social media platforms shouldn’t be costly either. Fortunately, it’s free to create an account for your business on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

All you need to do is post industry-related content and join in on conversations and engagements related to your specific industry. Answer potential client questions in the comment section, and give them helpful advice on numerous topics to bring positive publicity to your brand.

8. Offer Promotions and Deals

Almost all consumers love discounts. That’s because they help consumers save money and make them feel like they are part of an exclusive, limited club.

Below are some great ideas to offer your clients promotions and deals:

  • Run adverts on coupons on your social media accounts
  • Offer exclusive offers to clients on your website
  • Come up with an email marketing campaign giving consumers access to your promotions
  • Include freebies and takeaways to clients who order products or services over a specified limit or quantity

When most people see great promotions and deals on certain products, they are inclined to share with their friends and family interested in the product. This will generate extra traffic to your site and increase your sales.

9. Give Potential Clients Branded Goodies

Everyone loves sweets, donuts, and cakes. During special holidays such as the Christmas period, you could send your clients and potential clients some branded goodies in swag packs. The branded items may include calendars, notebooks, cake, sweets, and other tasty goods.

Sending potential clients branded goods is a great strategy to win them over. They will feel special and know that you value them and you’re thinking about their business. It can also serve as a pave-way for you to acquire their business.

10. Showcase and Highlight Your Customers’ Reviews and Testimonials

One of the best lead generation tactics is to showcase customer testimonials. You can do this by posting a few testimonials and highlighting them on your website for potential customers to see your satisfaction rate. When potential clients see how well your existing customers are satisfied, they are more likely to purchase your product.

Testimonials and reviews highlight customer’s positive experiences with your brand. Whether you choose to post a review, short quote, an interview, or a case study, all testimonials prove satisfied and happy customers. It also shows that you fulfill your promises, giving potential clients confidence in your brand.

11. Always Study Your Competition

Would you like to always stay on top of the game in your industry? Keeping track of your competitors and actively tracking their backlinks, marketing strategies, web mentions, website design, and the quality of their services and products is the best way to do this.

Monitoring your competition is also an effective way of generating new leads and attaching new prospects. That’s because you will identify any gaps in service delivery, giving you a chance to capitalize on these openings.

For example, you may notice that one of your competitor companies introduced a low-quality product that is unpopular among their clients. This would be the ideal time to swoop in and check whether any customers would be willing to buy from your business instead.

12. Update Your SEO Marketing Strategies

Search engine optimization is the best way to boost your website’s content. This ensures that your target audience can find your content easily. The main goal is to rank your content high in search engine result pages (SERPs) and ensure that users visit your page.

The best SEO practices include posting content that can be indexed and read by different search engines. You can do this by:

  • Including internal links in your content
  • Uploading audio and video transcripts
  • Including the relevant alt transcript to images
  • Always adding your industry-related primary phrase and keyword on the title
  • Increasing the website’s loading time

SEO is one of the best customer acquisition strategies, and you can create an SEO template. When creating the SEO template, remember to include the company logo, keywords, and meta tags in your content. Check out this company for the most effective SEO proposal template to get your business more leads and better customers.

13. A/B Testing

A/B testing is one of the best ways to determine which marketing campaigns and strategies bring the highest conversion rates. Below are some strategies to help you maximize your A/B testing campaign:

  • Take note of any new tests posted on Google Analytics
  • Create a timeframe for the period you’d like to run each A/B test
  • Have a well-defined process with limited approval to declare the winning party
  • Handle the next component of the experiment and repeat if needed

When conducting A/B testing, remember to test all components of your strategy or campaign. You will have more control over your marketing and optimization efforts if you know how the strategies perform on your site.

14. Fix Any Issues With Your Website

Your website will have a direct impact on how your business performs. Thus, ensure you fix any issues with your site to help easy navigation. This will also impact user experience with your brand, and it’s likely to influence their purchasing decision.

Start by eliminating any dead ends found on the website. You can do this by fixing the broken links and 404 errors. Such problems prevent users from finding the product or information they need.

15. Offer Your Clients Free Trials

Be bold and give your clients free trials for products and services. This way, they will experience firsthand the convenience and benefits of using your service, making them more inclined to make a purchase.

During the trial period, the clients will check whether the product meets their business needs and preferences. You can share short-term results of your service to help you negotiate for a more extended contract after you’ve proved yourself to the client.

Are You Ready to Hire an SEO Agency to Help You With Customer Acquisition?

Most companies today use SEO services to help them generate leads and increase sales. The best search engine marketing company for your business will ensure to incorporate the above strategies in your campaign for maximum brand exposure.

Having an SEO agency by your side is the best way to optimize your marketing campaigns. The agency will create a customized marketing strategy to ensure you get maximum brand exposure.

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