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Service Club Delivery: The Courier of Success for Delivery People

If there’s one thing we missed during lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, that would be eating our favorite dishes in our top pick restos. It was sad and frustrating not to be able to explore new cuisine or enjoy our comfort food when we want to celebrate our success or unwind a bit after a tiring day at work.

Service Club Delivery: The Courier of Success for Delivery People

Good thing, there are reliable restaurants and food chains that offer delivery services so we don’t suffer too much from the long-distance love affair with their food. But looking at the bigger picture, we believe that delivery riders deserve to be recognized for the important role they play in the industry. Without them, having food on the table would be much difficult especially for those living in areas far from the marketplace.

However, unfortunately, in some communities, being a delivery rider is regarded as a lowly job despite their significant contribution. That’s why having a venture like Service Club is a real reformer to lift the dignity and confidence of these reliable delivery riders.

Founder and Mission

With the mission of upskilling and recruiting within the delivery business, its founder Zeynep Demirbilek, in collaboration with the Service Club (a Members Club), provides delivery riders with access to training and career possibilities worldwide. 

Their advocacy goal is to support delivery employees getting more jobs, better jobs, training, certificates, and assistance. Furthermore, they offer free membership, which provides a strong network that helps members’ courier journeys by connecting them with frequent assignments.

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Zeynep and the Service Club team observed that delivery employees were undervalued in the job field, causing many of them to become stressed and disheartened. They intended to discover a solution to this problem and increase job satisfaction among delivery drivers, as this would lead to better courier experiences.

Service Club was established with bringing out the best among delivery people members in mind. It is a global organization that connects businesses in need of deliveries with exceptional riders seeking employment. 

Developing and promoting the talents of delivery workers is more than simply a duty for the folks behind this industrious team. They believe that empowering delivery staff and providing them with the necessary skills and values will not only improve these people’s lives but will also be a step forward in providing the most effective courier service possible around the world.

Commitment to People

service club delivery

A Training, Filtering, Recruitment & Onboarding Tool for Delivery Apps & People, as they coin it, the Service Club Delivery is committed to making sure those with the proper motivation and skill set are never out of work. To assure that no one is left behind, the Service Club ensures that people lacking in experience or competence learn the knowledge required to secure a suitable job through the platform.

More importantly, the Service Club strives to change the way delivery riders think about their jobs by giving them the right tools, resources, and huge amount of inspiration they need to succeed. The core mission of Service Club is to improve the delivery business by providing members with opportunities to grow as individuals and professionals while also equipping them with the skills necessary for success.


If you are one of the many company owners all around the world who share the same vision and goals as Service Club Delivery’s, you can quickly and easily use their global courier fleets, which contain thousands of pre-trained and hand-selected courier applicants ready to join as soon as needed.

For more details, you can visit Service Club Delivery’s website here or contact them via this link

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