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5 Reasons You Should Set Up Your Own Home Server

Ever thought of setting up a personal home server? Sure, it’s not a simple venture, but it is a fun way to develop computing skills and put your old hardware to use. Besides, several benefits come with your hard work.

Learn more about whether the benefits warrant the time and energy to create your own server.

1. Setting Up a Home Server Is Relatively Inexpensive

When it comes to making home servers, many people think that you’d have to spend thousands of dollars on the leading equipment in the industry to set up one. While you can go for a top-grade setup that requires over-the-edge equipment, in reality, you can make a pretty inexpensive one with an old laptop and cheap pieces of hardware.

But then again, it all boils down to the performance. But it’s not like you’re looking to handle thousands of queries like Microsoft and Google, are you? All we’re saying is that if you’re only interested in accessing a few files remotely, you don’t need to give up an arm and a leg to set one up.

2. Control Your Data

So why have one when you can use Google Drive or Dropbox? The difference between a third-party control service is control of data.

Of course, third-party services like Google and Dropbox do not own your data. However, they retain a license to modify, reproduce and create derivative works from your files.

The providers also have a right to share your data with domain administrators, affiliates, and legal entities. All these provisions can be found in the privacy policies and terms of service of third-party providers.

You won’t need to be worried about these terms when you have one you’ve created yourself.

3. Create a Dedicated Gaming Server

Did you know that you can run most games on a dedicated server of your own with the help of somewhere like this DayZ Server Hosting service? Many benefits come with using them to run games.

First, you are in control, and you can customize different aspects of the game. Second, you’re also in control of the game updates–you don’t have to wait to update the latest version of game updates since you can do it yourself. And third, when the game machine needs to reboot, the process is not complex and reduces the risk to other players.

4. Can Act As a Backup

Everyone with online files needs to back up their data. If something were to happen to your hardware, you wouldn’t want to lose years’ worth of data.

In a typical scenario, you would have an onsite and offsite backup. The offsite backup would be a cloud storage provider, while an onsite backup would be an external hard drive, USB flash drive, or NAS drive.

But do you know what’s better than these options? You guessed it right. Compared to the alternatives stated above, home servers have the advantage of customization, which features more prominently over other forms of backup. They are also relatively cheaper if you’re using old hardware.

5. Acts As a Home Media Server

We are in a streaming age where everybody is streaming online through Netflix, Spotify, and YouTube. But many of us still have our extensive collections of locally saved videos and music. Where do you keep them? How about storing them on a home server?

This gives you space to store more important things and the ability to access them remotely. With just a few clicks, you can access the media and control the playback of local media, even from a remote location.

Time to Start Building

As you can see, setting up one comes with lots of benefits. Besides being a fun venture and relatively cheap, you get other benefits you only get when you aren’t relying on their-party solutions. See what you can create for your home server.


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