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5 Things to Consider When Setting up a Window Cleaning Business

Looking to start a new venture in 2021? If you’re driven and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, then one great option could be the classic trade of window cleaning.

5 Things to Consider When Setting up a Window Cleaning Business 

If you think you could make a mark (or if we’re being accurate, remove marks) in window cleaning, here are five things that every beginner window cleaner should bear in mind when setting up their business.

1. Consider your finances

As with any new business, as part of your business plan, you need to understand the price of starting the company. How much will your equipment cost? Will you buy or hire a van? How much will you charge for your services, and how much will you reinvest into important business expenses such as marketing, advertising, and your website? The answers to these questions will inform how much money you need when starting up.

2. What’s your service?

Window cleaners can broadly be split into two camps: commercial and residential. The choice of which you go for will depend on your location and market research. Are there few businesses in your area? Go for residential. Is there a large number of residential window cleaners currently trading? Commercial may be a better bet.

Alongside your main service, you may want to offer supplementary cleaning services too, such as gutter cleaning, patio and driveway washing, and so forth. This can be a good way of widening your customer base and appeal, as well as retaining customers.

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3. What equipment will you need?

The right equipment is naturally an important part of creating an effective window cleaning business. A good starter kit will include a bucket, applicator, squeegee, clothes, and cleaning liquid.

A strong and totally reliable ladder is crucial too. According to the British Window Cleaning Academy, between two and seven cleaners are killed each year, with between 20 and 30 suffering serious injuries due to falling from a ladder. These might seem like small numbers, but they are not to be scoffed at, and even minor injuries could meantime not earning.

4. Training and insurance

Given the health and safety implications of window cleaning, it is key to make sure you are adequately trained to effectively use your equipment and perform your services. Insurance is also vital, as it will prove a godsend if an accident happens and you damage a customer’s property – or if they damage your equipment.

5. Building a customer base

Creating a recurring ‘round’ of window cleaning customers is one of the toughest parts of running a window cleaning business. There are plenty of ways to do this, from flyering (also known as direct mail), posting adverts on local social media groups, and knocking on doors, chatting to customers in person. If you’re charismatic, the latter option can be very effective, letting you strike up a rapport with customers from the get-go.


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