ShareOnWifi; a Cross-Platform File Sharing App without Using Internet

We are living in an age where digital goods are in abundance, but many are not reachable for everyone. This is why we ask friends to share; let it be the latest episode of your favorite series or family pictures and videos. But sharing becomes a headache when you have to share stuff with too many people individually.

Someone asks you to share a file, you open a file sharing app, search for your friend and click on send. Now, another friend comes up and asks for the same file from you and once again you repeat the process.

ShareOnWifi solves this problem and makes file sharing trouble and hassle free. App is available for Windows, iOS and Android. All you need to do is to have the app in your device and add the shareable files in your share list and that’s it, you are free, no one will bother you.

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Your friends connected to the same Wifi will open the application and browse your share and download it. They can search for it too.

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Unlike other file sharing apps, ShareOnWifi takes the burden off from the sharer and allows the receiver to search/hunt for the content themselves and not bother the sender.

ShareOnWifi also allows open sharing which means you can fetch data from unknown people or people with whom you are not friends with, but you must be connected to the same Wifi.

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ShareOnWifi in Their Own Words:

The application allows laptops and mobiles to share data between them at a high speed of up to 50Mbps. It requires the devices to be connected on the same Wifi network. So basically, when you open the application on a laptop or mobile, it will try to find other ShareOnWifi users connected on the same Wifi and present you with their shared list of files and folders. Then you can search or select files you want and hit download.


What Brings ShareOnWifi to the Spotlight:

File sharing in most convenient way!


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