Sharing Ideas & Opinions is More Fun with Chain

Smartphones and cameras by providing the low cost means of capturing HD footage have revolutionized the online world. Let it be online learning, sharing and collecting opinions or online marketing, Video is the most lovable feature of social interaction right now.

Ease of video creation and readily available editing tools with which you can create professional videos right at home have made life not just pleasant but full of excitement too. And that’s how Video is the future of online learning and online marketing.

We all make videos to share; mainly with friends and family and sometimes with the rest of the world too, however, till now it has been one sided story, i.e. you create a video and got likes or comments on it!

But that’s not the end, the real interaction is when you got a video response and then you reply with another video and the chain goes on!

This is what Chain App does! Making your conversations more interactive and lively, it allows you to make a list of short videos that you create about something that interests you. Each list is a shared list, either you can share it with friends or with public.

Since, Chain is a shared list, it can be further enhanced by the people you share with. They enhance it by adding up their videos to the list.

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chain app 2
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Whether you want to know your friends’ opinion about a masterpiece you just created or you want to know what public thinks about your idea, just do it with Chain!

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Chain in Their Own Words:

Chain lets you link together videos to create — you guessed it! — video chains. You can create personal chains, just between your friends, or public chains that you can share with the world. There is no other easy way to share videos about a topic with both friends and the world.

What Brings Chain to the Spotlight:

Sharing ideas and opinions with the world is not something new, but sharing in more interactive and more engaging way is certainly new!
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