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Should a Marketer be a Web Designer

Marketers and designers share the same goal: to design a website well and do everything they can to make sure that site visitors become customers. Sometimes it is not easy to achieve these results.

Should a Marketer be a Web Designer

Marketing research has something in common with the field of design.

Just like designers, reservers must get to the heart of human behavior and find patterns in order to meet client objectives. And just like designers, researchers rely on research data (designers may call it “observations,” but in fact, it is more like ethnographic research).

Successful work requires combining the analytical mindset of the marketer and the creativity of the designer. These specialists will manage the process – the result of which will be fresh ideas and attractive concepts.

Marketers strive to improve the process and design efficiency. To do this, they must clearly understand what their similarities and differences are with the work of the designer.

To improve the creative process and design effectiveness, marketers need to understand how their work differs from a designer’s and what the points of convergence are.

Marketers and designers have a lot in common

Marketers and designers are both interested in a happy customer, a well-designed website, and campaigns that turn visitors into buyers.

Marketers and designers start with the client’s assignment. They need to know what kind of result the customer is aiming for.

However, designers want the campaign to be not only successful but also beautiful. After all, it is important not only to achieve the result but also to get a sense of satisfaction from a nicely done site or logo checked with free mockups, even if it will not be for the entire audience.

Marketers, on the other hand, tend to be obsessed with tracking conversions, measurements, user experiences, and ratings. They strive for coherent architecture and super-fast loading speeds to boost positions, even if this will have a negative impact on the aesthetic perception of the project.

A marketer is interested in getting as much information as possible from the customer to learning the smallest details of the implementation of a particular part of the project. They need the result for the report.

Designers, on the other hand, are immersed in the big picture of the project and the concepts that shape the campaign or website.

These differences may seem insignificant, but they can still cause misunderstandings and disagreements about one issue or another.

Take the time to understand basic design concepts

It is important for a marketer to be competent in the basics of design: air work, composition, typography, color selection.

This knowledge will help you ask knowledgeable profile questions that will help you understand the designer.

Don’t speculate

Never try to show that you know more than the designer. You don’t know. Respect his skills and experience.

Recognize that you are equal

This means that you are striving to achieve the same goal and it is in your mutual interest to agree on all issues.


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