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Show the World Unique Yourself with MapOnShirt

Everyone is unique in one way or another, but when it comes to look unique, most of the time we end up following a trend.

Clothing comes first and then comes your home where you can look and feel unique, however, the fact of the matter is that the manufacturers make products in bulk, so ideally they are not unique. Yes, if you stick to some designers, you may get unique items, but not everyone can afford them!

Being yourself is the only way out!

We all, as individuals are unique and any two individuals can have totally different experiences of an event happening at the same time at same place. So it’s important to live the way you are and be yourself.

That’s what the concept behind an exciting new startup, MapOnShirt; create unique clothing and accessories from any map. Let it be the map of a place you recently visited in any other country or the very same locality where you were born and raised or a place you like most in the world. Certainly, it’s going to be unique.

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mapsonshirt main image Click the image to see full size!

Well, that’s not just the T-shirts, you can decorate your living room or even bedroom with those cool maps on cushions and pillows.

Even if you or your best friend happen to have the same map, you can still make yours different with lot of readily available palettes and themes or even you can create your own theme!

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It’s more fun being unique this way. Do try it, if you love unique stuff or else want wear the memories from the best places around the world.

maponshirt logo

MapOnShirt in Their Own Words:

Designing custom T-shirts has never been easier. The MapOnShirt is the result of a perfect match between the uniqueness of maps, your creativity and high-end production technology.

Designs are made from personalized maps from anywhere around the world. Pick any location and get a unique design on an All-Over-Printed T-shirt, pillow or headwear in any color and size.

Every item purchased is custom made – separately printed on fabric, then cut and sewed and shipped from Riga, Latvia, Northern Europe.

What Brings MapOnShirt to the Spotlight:

Unique T-shirt design and print all over T-shirt without smudges and white streaks!

MapOnShirt Website:

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