Shuffle; Disposable Phone Numbers & Email Aliases to Protect Your Privacy

Mobile phone since the beginning of its commercial use is probably the most handy mode of communication, however, you don’t feel it that great when you get too many unsolicited calls or SMS.

Many times, it’s a must to post our cell number on various websites and other offline concerns to get access to the desired data/platform. But sharing the personal phone number everywhere doesn’t always make sense.

Shuffle solves this problems very professionally, i.e. instead of posting your private cell number to the web, or sharing it with everyone, you just set up virtual phone numbers that work with your mobile device so you can still call and text without giving up your privacy.

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It’s simple; with a single tap you can “shuffle” between your numbers and keep communication separated for your personal line, business number, job search, social networking, freelance projects and so on.

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Other than phone numbers, Shuffle also offers email aliases, allowing you to create a more complete separate identity with its own number, voice mailbox, and email alias.

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The app is free to download from the App Store, however, every Shuffle number, call, text message and email forward has its set price. The pricing is completely transparent and very affordable.

Shuffle numbers are currently available with area codes located in the US or Canada only. Calls and Text Messages to/from international numbers are not allowed at this stage.

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Shuffle in Their Own Words:

Shuffle let’s you create disposable phone numbers and email aliases so you don’t need to share your private contact details with strangers. Each Shuffle number comes with voice calls, text/picture messaging and a unique voice mailbox.

What Brings Shuffle to the Spotlight:

Flexible smart communication solution; multiple disposable phone numbers and email aliases on a single device.

Shuffle Website: