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SilentKeys; the Secure Keyboard that Protects Your Privacy

The digital economy is growing complex every day, but the number of highly trained security workers is not sufficient to deal the persisting and upcoming cyber threats. The massive growth in the IoT brings big challenges for the cyber security.

Global communication, commerce and the communities where they have been totally transformed by the Internet and the digital media, security and privacy are still big concerns for almost every netizen, but they are still not aware of investing in more secure devices.

Well, SilentKeys is something really valuable for all those netizens who are concerned about online privacy and security but don’t know what to do. It’s a simple plug-and-play keyboard that protects your privacy and keeps you safe from major cyber-attacks.

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With SilentKeys secure keyboard you can stop viruses & spyware, access TV from different regions, browse the internet anonymously, manage & secure your bitcoins, block ads & tracking, get protection from hacking & theft and bypass censorship & web filters.

It’s certainly an awesome solution, not just for consumers but also for small businesses & enterprise, bloggers, marketers and developers.

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The keyboard is yet to be announced on Kickstarter; subscribe for the updates on their website to get to know when the early bird discount is available!

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SilentKeys in Their Own Words:

Havinyg nothing to hide shouldn’t mean having to show it all. It also shouldn’t mean leaving things unsecured. Would you give your email passwords to a random person? Do you never close curtains at home? At every level our privacy is at risk, all it takes is visiting a malicious website or downloading a program.

SilentKeys is a virus-resistant keyboard that provides anonymous browsing, closing the curtains to anyone trying to look in.

You wouldn’t leave your house door open so why leave your computer and web connection open?


What Brings SilentKeys to the Spotlight:

A smart keyboard for those who care about their online privacy and security!


SilentKeys Website:

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