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Silly Scents Play Putty: Aromatherapy Play Putty that’s Fun, Safe & Beneficial

Parenting where it’s a great fun can be difficult at times, especially when you have to keep your child under a strict surveillance for safety and security purposes.

Babies putting everything in their mouths is one such safety concern for all the parents, but it’s normal. Well, it’s not only normal, but also signals that your child is growing interest in the world around them. Children explore their surroundings through their senses, i.e. seeing, touching, hearing, smelling, and tasting and the more they explore, the more they learn.

Yes, you must keep them under proper supervision, but do let them investigate and explore the world too! The best way is to provide them with the safe toys; the ones that comes with the non-toxic and natural ingredients.

So, if you really want to master the parenting, do try Silly Scents created by Melanie Steele; a safe, natural, and beneficial alternative to silly putty.

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Silly Scents Play Putty is s formula that underwent months of experiments and series of testing and uses only natural, edible, organic ingredients, natural colors from plants and fruits and pure essential oils to create scents that your kid will love!

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Silly Scents Play Putty in Their Own Words:

Silly Scents is silly putty re-imagined into a personal fidget that is fun, safe, and beneficial. It’s squishy, stretchy, and made from 100% natural, edible, non-GMO ingredients. Why? Because when we’re giving something to children to handle and play with, we want it to be this safe.

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Infused with pure essential oils to create a lightly-scented effect with the powerful benefits of aromatherapy in three varieties: Joy, Peace, and Focus. It’s like a fun little anti-stress ball that’s an empowering tool for kids to use and enjoy. Lightly scented, all-natural, completely safe, and lots of fun! Get one variety or all three to give to someone you love (or keep for yourself).

What Brings Silly Scents Play Putty to the Spotlight:

Great alternative to chemical-filled toys; all-natural, non-GMO, and completely safe.

Silly Scents Play Putty Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.