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3 Simple Ways to Free Up Your Time

It’s so easy to get caught up in a frenetic pace that keeps us busy but also stressed. It can be quite fun for a while, juggling several balls in the air. It makes you feel capable and that you have things going on in your life.

However, things inevitably reach a breaking or tipping point. At some stage, you burn out, and the chaos is no longer fun – nor are you getting traction anywhere in your life. When you hit this point, it’s time to re-evaluate how you are spending your time and how you can free up your days.

That’s why we’re here with several things you can do to get out of the chaos loop and begin to make more impact again in your work and private life.

1. Automate as Much as You Can

Once you have taken a step back and evaluated what has been going on and how you can start to get out of the chaos loop, you’ll see that automation is an invaluable tool. Using a white label app can help you get all sorts of things done without completing the task manually.

With good software, you can do things like:

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  • Process bookings
  • Store your documents
  • Schedule and run meetings
  • Share documents
  • Process payments
  • And much more

Once this is set up, it just requires some minor tweaking, thereby freeing up your time to cut out the busy work and be more impactful.

2. Delegate More 

While much can be automated these days, there are still many tasks that need to be done by personnel. This does not mean that you have to do everything in your business or job. Learn to delegate work to your employees or share the load with your colleagues more effectively.

Remember that often people are busy with their own tasks and won’t really notice if you are swamped. You need to try to communicate your needs clearly to your team to share the workload more equitably.

Work out which people in your team are good at which tasks, and allocate work as per everyone’s strong points. This also helps others enjoy their work more and build confidence in what they are doing as they will get to use their strengths.

3. Work Smarter

Whether it’s work or home tasks, you can plan them so that they take up less time. Having to do things under a strict time crunch takes up a lot of headspace and energy, which robs you of mental sharpness, energy, and time.

Consider maximizing your time by batching tasks together. For example, if you need to do the shopping, pick up the laundry, and take the kids to an extra-mural activity, try to achieve all those tasks in one trip. This way, you’ll save time as well as fuel. Pick a day to do all your food prep for the week in one sitting rather than having to make it up on the hop all week.

The same goes for work. Put preparatory tasks in one block of time, and the same with active tasks. Break them up so that you can take care of one task at a time until you have completed all the similar to-dos. 

Research shows that multi-tasking is not as effective as sticking with one task at a time, step by step. You may need to retrain yourself to do focus on single tasks.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, overload is not helpful to anyone. Be mindful of how you function, and try to automate, delegate, and arrange tasks more effectively. Your health and the people in your life will thank you for it!


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