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Simple Ways To Improve Your Business Network Infrastructure

Your business network and connectivity is practically the backbone of your digital transformation. Supporting your business in providing high quality products and services to your customers but also ensuring that the delivery of this is to a high standard.

A business in the modern age relies upon superfast internet connectivity and access to the latest technology in order to keep up with the competition and offer the very best customer service. No matter if this business is an SME or a global player in their market. 

Improving your business network in order to optimise your business’ offering is important in maintaining the position of your business in your market. Continuing to evolve and grow with the advancements in technology and adapting the business network in order to adopt new technology. 

Evaluate Your Existing Network Infrastructure 

Rather than jumping into enhancing your business network infrastructure blind, the best way to begin this process is to evaluate your existing network infrastructure. By looking at what you already have and identifying areas in which you could improve, will highlight the specific focal points that require your attention. This will save you both time and money. Ensuring you are only putting budget aside for the improvements that are 100% necessary at the time. 

Your IT teams may have already identified several areas for improvement, now is the time to take note of these and listen to their concerns. For example, if your cybersecurity is currently not implemented to the required standard, this should certainly take precedence. Working to improve your cybersecurity defences will offer both short and long term benefits. Saving you from the growing rates of cyber attacks and cyber crime committed by increasingly demanding and intellectual cyber criminals.

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Consider Increasing Your Network Bandwidth 

While many consider bandwidth and internet speed to be the same thing, they are not. Bandwidth refers to the amount of data and information that can be transmitted from one connection to another in a certain amount of time. Measured in Mbps, your network’s bandwidth plays an important role in the speed of your network connectivity. Opting to improve this, by increasing bandwidth, can be decided based on your company’s needs. 

If your company is growing, i.e. you are employing more people, looking to increase the number of devices you own and connect to more programmes or applications, now is a good  time to consider increasing your bandwidth. Afterall, improving your network infrastructure to grow with your business will make a massive impact on the implementation of company changes and adaptations. 

Improve Your Connectivity Speed 

A strong internet connection in your business not only means continuous access to the digital world but also enables you and your teams to increase productivity, improve your business security, and collaborate with wider teams. By enhancing your business connectivity speed you will enjoy a wide number of benefits and see even greater business growth, thanks to the improvements in your customer service, greater management of online sales, and an overall improved efficiency of the company. Not only will your employees thank you, but your customers will certainly notice these changes too. 

Partner With A Managed Network Provider

Partnering with a managed network provider is a great way for businesses to pass on the management of their business network to a third-party provider with the expertise and services to enhance and improve this. Much like Evolve Managed Network Solutions, a managed network provider has the knowledge and capabilities to enhance your business’ network performance, managing this and allowing internal IT and Network Teams to focus on more advanced projects in-house.

From bolstering cybersecurity to improving network speeds and ensuring continuous connectivity, utilising such services will allow for your business to enhance its network and enjoy the benefits this has to offer.  

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.


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