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Why does Your Site Need an Audit?

Almost all e-commerce business owners need to order a web site audit. The fact is that thousands of resources are regularly created that work in the same niche as yours.

Leading positions and profits are received only by those site owners who are ready to invest in promotion, optimization, constant error correction and other work. The first step on the road to success is ordering a comprehensive site audit, which allows you to map out further work using spider a website. It may be required at any stage of work – from finalizing an empty site to large-scale promotion.

When is it necessary to order a site audit?

Several important points can be highlighted:

  • site is new. Young sites are characterized by the presence of technical, search, commercial errors;
  • site needs to be improved. Search engines take into account the behavior of site visitors: clicks on internal links, targeted actions, and others. By improving the site for visitors, you make it more attractive to search engines – these processes are closely interconnected because all search engines focus on convenience and benefit;
  • low share of applications. The site is constantly flowing traffic, but the conversion is negligible. The reason may lie in the fact that the site is inconvenient, unreliable, not responsive, or loading slowly. Independent analysts will be able to find and fix the error;
  • visitor complaints. They cannot find the order button, complain about the lack of a secure connection, errors, and other problems. Identification of such shortcomings is carried out by analyzing reviews posted on the main site and third-party resources, as well as applications sent to managers, internal analytics systems, user experience;
  • launch ads. You want to launch or have already launched ads, but have encountered certain difficulties. Of course, it is important not only to correctly design ads or make settings, but also to improve the site, otherwise the conversion will be minimal;
  • niche specifics. The resource is focused on selling unique goods or promoting services in a segment that is characterized by very high competition.

It is important to understand that by using Netpeak Software’s SEO tools, website owners can gain valuable insight into their competitors’ strategies and identify opportunities for improvement.

What is included in a website audit?

Website seo audit

is a large set of activities that are aimed at identifying and then eliminating various groups of errors. Web designers, PPC and SEO specialists, marketers, web analysts are involved in the work – a huge team that will improve the characteristics of the customer’s resource. Consider the evaluation criteria, however, the full list depends on the initial situation and goals:

  • the presence of technical errors that slow down the performance and speed of loading pages, reduce the level of security, are the causes of other problems. We are talking about the validity of the HTML code, Not Found, etc.;
  • internal and external optimization that affect the position of the site in the ranking. There is an analysis of external links, content quality (uniqueness, usefulness, etc.), semantic core, landing pages and other parameters;
  • The overall usability of the site, the stability of the structure, internal navigation, the absence of elements that distract the user from the target actions are taken into account – this is only a small part of the criteria;
  • behavioral factors of users who visit the site. How much time do they spend on the page? Do they return to search results? Do they do reposts? Are they following internal links? The audit will provide answers to these and other questions;
  • commercial factors. At this stage, the level of trust, completeness of contact information, discounts, and other factors that affect the conversion and loyalty of visitors are determined.

During the audit, technical, behavioral, SEO, search, competitive and other factors that have a direct impact on the pace of development and success of a particular project are taken into account. Please note that an independent audit cannot guarantee the identification of all problems, so it is better to order a service from professionals.

Netpeak Software offers a comprehensive suite of SEO tools and products designed to improve website optimization and search engine rankings. And having additional resources, guides, and support from experienced professionals ensures that users can get the most out of their investment in SEO software.

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