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Skyrocket Your Startup PR with Pressfarm

Startups need a great press and media coverage in order to get themselves noticed by the world, however, doing so is not that easy. Most of the startups prefer handling initial PR activities in house, not just because of the tight budget, but also for a reason that they are simultaneously working on building up the company’s reputation, customer relationships, connecting with industry influencers like journalists and bloggers and a lot more activities. So, doing press in-house makes sense, because it is very well organized.

A tight budget may not be the problem for every other startup; the challenge is that huge press and media coverage requires a lot of time and laborious efforts. Since time is the most important factor of great press coverage, startups need a helping hand that removes the clutter and provides readily available resources to get the press done on the go! is one such helping hand for startups.

If your startup is ready for the PR, Pressfarm is your one stop shop to load your PR plan with actionable insights and highly relevant resources. You can access a contact database of 20,000+ active journalists. You can also filter your search according to your requirements and launch your startup PR is the most productive yet cost effective way.

And that’s not all, your startup is also manually submitted to a list of startup directories, review sites, and communities for more exposure. Moreover, the platform also helps you craft your pitch to make it perfect. With all these features, I am sure, you won’t need a PR agency!

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Startup PR is not a onetime task to push the launch news, but in fact, it is a continuous process of building a narrative to achieve better growth. Successful companies use PR not just to increase their online visibility, but also to amplify the brand impact through newsworthy stories. If you want to take your startup to the next level, must try Pressfarm; save hundreds of hours on journalist search, get the help of content specialists from the platform and speed up the growth!

Pressfarm in their own words:

Pressfarm is a reporter database that helps entrepreneurs find journalists to write about their startups. Using our filter-enabled tool, you can now search for journalists from various niches, publications and categories to find the best fit for your message for launch.

What brings Pressfarm to the spotlight:

It’s awesome platform for startups to get PR worth of thousands of dollars for a fraction of the cost.

Pressfarm Website:

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Get the latest news, resources and tips to help you and your small business succeed.