Slack Tips for Better Effectiveness

During the Covid-19 pandemic, a lot of teams started working remotely. So naturally, a demand for more effective communication appeared – it is a must to admit that email simply cannot keep up with the amount of communication and information these days.

Therefore, teams started looking for smarter, innovative, and more effective ways to communicate, and having really good tools that would enable effective group communication helps a lot. One of the most popular tools for group communication is Slack – it has more than 12 million daily active users.

Thus if you are thinking of starting to use a group communication tool like Slack or are already using it to manage your team’s daily tasks and operations in Slack, you need to know some tips & tricks to make you even more productive and get the maximum benefits out of this tool. 

Tip #1: Edit Slack Messages


An advantage that Slack has with editing messages is not only that you can edit any message that you sent, which minimizes the amount of text in a conversation because you don’t have to send another message to add something to the previous one, but also Slack has quick editing for messages.

This option is very easy and convenient to use, and it will help you save even more time. To edit the last message that you have sent, all you have to do is press the Command + Up keys on your Magic Keyboard if you are using a Mac or Control + Up if you are using any other computer. 

After you are done with editing your message, just hit enter, and it will be updated immediately. This will let you quickly edit and update your last message – without having to look for it manually. 

Tip #2: Disable Notifications

It is convenient that Slack has notifications – it is much better than having to check your email every few minutes if you want to keep up to date on joint projects. But it is also very well known that any notifications – no matter if they are personal or work-related, distract you from being focused and getting the job done. You become less productive.

Luckily, there are a couple of effective ways to keep you away from these distracting notifications. The first one is to quit the Desktop application and start using the Slack version that is meant for the web browser. This way, red notifications will be no longer visible, and you can check the messages whenever you want to.

Or, if you prefer the Desktop app, you can keep it and just disable notifications. This way, for example, if you are working on writing quality content, you can turn off the notifications to become really focused and turn them back on when you are done. Also, you can set yourself to a Do Not Disturb time – it will end whenever you set it to end.

Tip #3: Use Memos & Notes With Easy Access 

typing at laptop

Using notes to save some drafts, passwords, brainstormed ideas, and all other information you need to use from time to time is something most people are used to. But you have to admit that it takes quite some time to navigate from one app to another – especially if the notes/memos app is not launched yet, and you have a lot of notes to browse through to get to the right one.

Not everybody who uses Slack knows this, but you can actually use and add notes in Slack itself. You can even Star the notes that are the most important and most frequently used so you can find them easily and quickly. 

What you will choose to Star highly depends on what kind of info your team is sharing through Slack – it could be a list of tasks, comments, ideas for projects, passwords, or anything else that you might need quick access to.

Tip #4: Start Using Reminders

Once you start using Slack, there is a helpful assistant called Slackbot that introduces you to helpful tips and tricks for using Slack. One of those tips is to use Slackbot reminders. More to it, by using Slackbot, you can even create a list of the tasks and goals you need to accomplish.

Also, you can create your reminders not only for yourself but for your co-workers as well, especially if there is someone who never meets the deadlines. 

Tip #5: Search for Keywords

Do you often catch yourself in a situation where you are pretty sure there was specific information mentioned in a conversation you cannot find? Well, in Slack, it is easily solvable. 

To search a conversation by keyword, just hit the Command + F combination on a Mac and Control + F on any other computer. These combinations will open a search window where you can enter your keywords. 

The Bottomline:

Things change rapidly and for businesses and management teams this current operating scenario can pose a challenge. Some people may struggle with employee involvement and remote team management. And others would find the distributed team management shockingly easy to learn. These are the reasons why tools like slack help remote teams always in sync.

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