SlideAwesome: Amazingly Simple Image Sliders for Your Website

Displaying image sliders on your website in not just for the beautification purpose, but it’s more engaging and can be used for making the visitors take desired actions.

To do so, we look for plugins and often we are concerned about the security issues associated with these plugins.

Well, you can have a super interactive and engaging slider without installing any plugin. This is possible with SlideAwesome, which is not an image slider plugin. Just sign up there and start creating slides and embed them in your website with a simple copy/paste function.

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There’s nothing to install or update, no security concerns to consider. You don’t even need to understand the code.

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You can create slides either manually, or else from an RSS. Once a slider is created and is live on your site, you don’t need to change the code if you want to alter the contents of the slider. All changes made on the SlideAwsome dashboard once saved will be automatically updated on your website.

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It’s simple, useful and optimized for SEO purposes as well. Do try the free version to chach how it works!

SlideAwesome in Their Own Words:

SlideAwesome creates fantastic looking free slideshows for your website. It’s not a plugin. It uses a different, high performance technology to create SEO ready image sliders that are easy to set up, load super fast and have none of the maintenance and security headaches of plugins.

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We’re web developers ourselves, and we’ve built SlideAwesome to do what we need to delight our clients. That means no crazy effects, just the classics done well, and some uniquely useful features like sliders that automatically update from RSS feeds.

What Brings SlideAwesome to the Spotlight:

Simple, highly customizable and easy to use image sliders without installing anything on your server.

SlideAwesome Website: