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Small Business Security: Do You Need a Security Guard?

It’s estimated that theft causes more than $13 billion in losses each year for businesses across the country. The ripple effect can be devastating and that’s only one type of crime that can occur in a small business. 

Small Business Security: Do You Need a Security Guard?

When you’ve worked so hard to develop and build your small business, the last thing you want is the bad choices of others to bring it down. That’s why small business security can be so important to protect that hard work you’ve put in and keep things running smoothly. 

It’s an investment to develop a security team, so many business owners are rightly hesitant to jump in. That’s why we’ve created a guide to help you decide if your small business needs a security guard or not. 

However, it’s crucial to remember that employing security guards requires additional investments beyond hiring the staff. These investments contain proper uniforms, self-defense gear, and advanced earpiece communication devices. The incorporation of body cameras into their gear is also critical, as this enables documentation of their actions. These measures collectively contribute to ensuring the guards’ safety and proficiency in carrying out their responsibilities and maintaining a comprehensive record of any security-related occurrences.

Open After Dark

A business security guard is a good idea any time your storefront or offices are open anytime after dark. The dark can make crimes much easier to commit which makes your business much more vulnerable during that time. 

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Not only is your building more at risk, unsecured parking lots at night can be a major source for theft or other crimes. 

Having a security guard to patrol the parking lot after dark can make your business and, more importantly, your employees safer as they go out to their cars once done working. Even their presence can make a big difference in how often a crime is committed in the area. 

Every business that stays open late should have a solid security plan in place, including a guard of some kind. 

Surrounding Area’s Situation

When considering the potential for crime and the safety of your small business, you have to take into consideration the whole area’s relation to crime as well. It’s a fact that some areas are more susceptible to crime than others. 

If your business is located in an area that has a higher crime rate than average, it’s time to consider a small business security guard. 

A little research into the public records of the area or speaking to the local police can help you determine what the crime rates are. It will also give you insight into what types of crimes are typically being committed to helping you customize your approach even more. 

Experienced Unsafe Situations

Unfortunately, crime has a wide ripple effect. Not only will it likely affect your bottom line, but it can also affect your reputation and the confidence your employees have in the company as well. The consequences of experiencing an unsafe situation at work can be extremely detrimental to a small business. 

It’s obviously better to have a security guard for your business long before there’s a need for one. But if you don’t have one and then do experience a crime, it’s time to invest in the proper security measures. 

Taking care of things to be as secure as possible will go a long way in restoring confidence in the workplace for your employees and yourself as a business owner.

Alcohol is Served

While alcohol can be a great source of income for some types of small businesses, it can also create a real need for a business security guard. 

We’ve all been there when someone has taken the drinking a little too far and starts to make really poor choices. When that happens, you want your business to already have the solution on-site instead of having to wait for things to get bad enough to call the police. Not to mention the time you have to wait for them to get there. 

Having a security guard present will minimize the negative events that do happen. But it will also minimize their effect as they can be handled quickly and efficiently before they get too out of control and damaging. 

Opportunities for Emergencies 

Security for business isn’t exclusively designed to handle and deter crime situations, they’re also necessary for emergency situations that might come up. 

Some businesses are going to be more prone to these kinds of emergencies coming up than others. Taking a look at your business and how it affects those who are attending or working there can help you determine whether you need a security guard present just in case or not. 

These kinds of emergencies are also why it’s so important to make sure your security team is properly trained as well. Working with a Security license and Security Guard Services company will help you determine exactly which kind of training your guard will need. And make sure that they’ve completed it before beginning. 

Concerned At All 

A small business owner has an unlimited amount of things to worry about. There’s literally always something going on to cause stress. The safety and security of your employees, building, and business are always going to be high on the list. 

But getting a security officer for your business can make a big difference in easing that worry. 

If you’re concerned at all about security, it’s a good idea to look into your options at the very least. There are so many ways to implement security, you’ll be able to find a customized fit to fill your needs and fit within your budget as well. In the long run, it will be a great investment for your business’s bottom line (and your mental health) to have someone protecting it. 

Time to Get a Small Business Security 

The last thing anyone wants is for their small business to go under because they didn’t have the proper protection in place. Small business security can help prevent any major problems and consequences from affecting your livelihood by deterring crime. 

When you work with a professional security company, a customized plan can be put in place to help shore up any vulnerabilities you may have and keep things as protected as possible. It will give you a lot of peace of mind to know you’ve done your part in protecting your greatest asset. 

If you’re interested in learning more about smart business practices, check out our other articles today! 


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