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Small Business’s Guide to Best Video Shoot Destinations in Sydney

Commercials or advertisements are shown everywhere; you see it on television, social media, print media, apps and games on smartphones, and you even encounter it before and after watching videos on Youtube.

Some people may even find it annoying. But the most unpopular opinion is; we need advertisements in our lives.  Ads are how we get information about a product, a service, a new television show, etc. and at the same time, ads are created by companies who want to share some information about their business.

It is a cycle, and it is here to stay.

Location, Location, Location

If you ask any video production company in Sydney, they would tell you about the many ideal locations that you can visit to shoot videos. The weather is almost always pleasant; the city’s energy is refreshing, and the people are friendly. Choosing a site in Sydney may be challenging though, because there are too many good ones.

Shooting a commercial or any video for marketing purposes outdoors is becoming a trend now. Why? A lot of people are stuck indoors; parents who are minding the kids, office employees glued to their desks, introverts etc. Watching videos that show impressive sceneries are a way for these people to experience a little beauty even if it is just on a screen. Check out some of these locations that you can suggest to your chosen video production team:

The Iconic Structures of Sydney

Apart from the very famous Sydney opera house, there are many more architectural landmarks in the city that are worth looking into. Shooting videos with these structures in the background will surely show class.

Dr Chau Chak Wing Building is a marvellous structure present in the University of Technology Sydney’s campus. To some, it creates the illusion of melting while some may say that the building mimics a crumpled then straightened piece of paper. Along with its geometric windows, it gives a sort of old-style with a modern feel at the same time.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is perfect if you want to show an element of water in your videos without leaving the modern setting. Shoot around sunset and watch the viewers swoon over its beauty.

The Blue Mountains

There are tons of beautiful locations in the Blue Mountains. It is a very popular tourist spot in Sydney, famous for its breath-taking views of the mountains, and not to mention the puffy white clouds amid the bluest sky on a perfect day.

The Three Sisters is one of the popular sights in the Blue Mountains. The sandstone pillars rise 900 meters high and are shrouded in mist. It is perfect for daytime filming. And it is fair to note that during night time, the night sky behind the three peaks creates such a beautiful sight that one cannot capture on film. But take this as a time to relax and enjoy the view. You and your video production team deserve it.

These are the types of locations that are desired by a lot of viewers who are not able to travel due to busy schedules and work commitments. The experts from your video production company in Sydney would surely agree that shooting on a location outside a studio will have some leverage against videos that are shot in generic indoor places. So by all means, take the scenic route.

Final Reminders

Remember that not all locations are open to the public anytime. Secure permits and legalities as early as you can before the actual shooting schedules. Timing is important when shooting videos. Study weather forecasts, sunrise and sunset times, crowds etc. Take into account everything that needs to be done for a smooth and seamless shoot.

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