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Tender Relief From A Small Tech Startup To An Award-Winning Company

Tech solutions have become essential to businesses and consumers, especially where social distancing, lockdowns, and working from home are the norm. Startups have played a significant role in providing such solutions, and many have seen a surge in demand and growth.

In particular, Western Australia’s startup scene has made massive strides in recent years, with the state’s economy becoming increasingly diversified. Tender Relief is one such startup that started making waves in Perth in 2021.

The Karratha-based company capitalizes on the surge of tenders released in the state as the government looks to boost the economy through infrastructure spending. Tender Relief has created an online platform that lists common company questions about the tender process and conveys answers from professional experts through a tender response template, making the process more user-friendly.

The company started as a tender support consultancy in 2019, providing management support, training, and services for regional businesses in Australia. Founding Director Eliza Carbines shared that she always knew she would start a business.

“However, it practically happened by accident. People kept asking me to help businesses with their tenders. And before long, I had staff and employees.” In less than a year, the company went from being run by a sole individual to an incorporated company.

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She added, “After that, I started exploring the idea of producing the business model by delivering affordable and high-quality tender services online.” When Eliza was asked what supported the company’s massive growth trajectory, she answered that she joined the Meshpoints’ LaunchPad Program in 2020.

This program was created to look for and educate regional businesses on how to skillfully and professionally pitch their products or services to the state government. Eliza added, “It was an amazing experience.”

And that night, Tender Relief won. After winning the pitching competition, the company participated in the Golden Ticket Pitch. Again, Eliza grabbed the first place win and secured a monumental spot in the Plus Eight Bootcamp in this event. Here, she was able to take part in a spot in the 2021 Plus Eight Accelerator Program.

Tender Relief made it! Eliza shared, “The Plus Eight Bootcamp was intense and all-consuming. Still, it was a good day.” The Bootcamp has been life-changing for the Director herself and the company. Tender Relief’s journey is one for the books, from pitching a winning idea to securing multiple funding.

Recently, the company was awarded $100,000 through the RED Grant initiative. Tender Relief CEO shared, “We’re just happy and grateful to receive this massive funding in a competitive grant application process.” She added that this accomplishment wouldn’t be possible without the guidance and support received via the Plus Eight Accelerator program.

What is the RED Grants program? It’s a state-government-funded program that supports projects to diversify the state’s economy. Tender Relief was selected for the prestigious award among the handful of recipients.

The company aims to streamline tendering and reshape bidding for businesses. While businesses have a particular awe factor, tech-based businesses are probed through a different lens.

Hence, securing the RED grant has helped the company take a leap in developing its online product, the Tender Relief Online. However, Eliza noted that it’s still a work in progress.

Tender Relief Online is preparing to support businesses in submitting better tenders and raising their chance of winning a bid. The company is also gearing up to secure a share in the $600 billion worth of annual contracts in Western Australia.

Aside from this, Tender Relief also offers bid coordination and consultancy for companies from any industry. In fact, the company has a solid goal in place to make sure the best tender submissions.

Note that tendering itself is a long and complicated process. It requires planning, resources, commitment, and time. As a result, businesses will likely submit inadequate or incomplete responses without the proper structure and coordination.

Eliza added, “Even with the necessary expertise and skills to deal with the contract requirements and scope; many businesses fall flat in securing contracts due to a not-so-good response.” It happened because they failed to understand the actual tendering process. Plus, what goes into a strong submission.

With Tender Relief Online, businesses can easily understand, examine, and respond to tender questions expertly, affordably, and appropriately. Hence, giving them ample space to compete for the contract they desire.

A tech-based business that started in Karratha, Tender Relief is undoubtedly a unique player in the industry by providing an innovative solution. There’s no question that the company has gone from strength to strength, with a solid client base and a team of passionate workers.

The future looks bright for Tender Relief, that’s for sure, and it’ll be exciting to see how they continue to grow in the years to come. Their story to success is undoubtedly one worth following that can inspire other businesses in the region.

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