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6 Smart Software Solutions To Run Your Business More Smoothly

For a business to record good productivity and effectiveness to its society, it must make use of smart software solutions. To enable your business to run smoothly it is smart to procure software programs.

6 Smart Software Solutions To Run Your Business More Smoothly

This software provides an easy route to business activity documentation and planning, accounting, project management, customer relationship, communication, sales, marketing, and public relations among others.

The software is also very important for smaller businesses because of its small labor force and level of specialty.

What Software Solutions Will Help My Business?

To determine the software your business needs you must first highlight your business operations. That is, what service do you provide, how do you go about it, what is your staff size, how do you document business activities, salaries, and profits, how do you get customer feedback?

There are good deals of software that will help any business operations.

1. Accounting Solution

Accounting is an integral part of any business, and it has a variety of software to cater to different financial needs. The software monitors your cash inflow and outflow, your capital and expenditure, your potential profit or loss.

Some offer services like tracking of finance (receipts, tax, bills), bookkeeping, and budgeting. Keeping your account record accurate is important for any business.

2. Procurement Solution

This is the use of digital technologies to enhance procurement. Procurement is simply obtaining goods or services for business purposes from an external source.

It involves identifying the need of the customer and suppliers, choosing tools to enable communication with the suppliers, preparing and requesting for the product, and setting policies for evaluating the products and supplier.

These digital procurement solutions create opportunities to improve the efficiency of business procurement and equips business stakeholders with insights and innovations through artificial intelligence and online tools that are easy to use. This solution serves as a platform for collaboration between suppliers and another third party.

3. Communication Solution

Communication is an important aspect for the effective running of your business. Good communication is important within the business among staff, between the business personnel, suppliers, and most importantly to clients.

The software helps reduce the occurrence of physical meetings every time an important decision or information is to be communicated as this is time-consuming and location limiting. With software for this solution, communication can take place anywhere, anytime, and across any region.

Some communication software includes Bleep, Fleep, Google meet, Livestorm, Team App, Telegram, and Zoom.

4. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solution

This software solution is important for maintaining a good relationship with your customers by staying connected with them.

It enables you to keep track of your customer base, monitors their data (including their performance), and follow-up on them. Some CRM software includes Zendesk, Freshworks, HubSpot CRM, Ontraport, Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Zoho CRM.

The more robust companies offer features such as live chat, help desk software, sales and lead tracking, contact management and much more.

5. Sales and Marketing Solution

Software for this solution makes a business organized and improves awareness of the business among the general population. This software help keep track of sales and marketing data that helps business owners determine their growth rate and opportunities for improvements.

Some software includes Hubspot Marketing Hub, Keep, SALESmanago and SharpSpring.

6. Time Tracking Solution

It can also be referred to as an online calendar planner. This is an effective time planning management for business activities with the aid of software.

Time is an important resource for every business and the use of time tracking tools allows businesses to be better organized and accountable. This solution enables task allocation to specific time and date, it helps update you on task deadlines and meetings, it also accounts for every staff activity.

Some software for this solution includes Elorus, Google calendar, Jibble, Microsoft Outlook, Project Hours, and Timely.


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