Smartlook; Free & Unlimited Visitor Screen Recording for Conversion Optimization

You simply can’t manage what you don’t measure; if you don’t know how visitors are actually doing on your site, how can you expect better results?

Tracking user behavior is crucial not just because it enables you to understand their actions but it also allows you to improve your performance based on these actions. However, tracking user behavior is not that easy, i.e. you may need to go through a lot of numbers and calculations with website analytics to find out what users do on a particular page.

Fortunately, Smartlook has developed a tracking technology that makes user behavior tracking easier than ever before. Signup with Smartlook, add your website, and paste the tracking code between <head> and </head> on your website and it will start tracking your visitors actions within seconds after the code is live!

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The ease that it brings is the screen recording of your visitors; letting you watch how the real users browse through the pages on your website.

So if want to make some structural changes on the website, like changing ad position, including images and other interactive media or changing the location of “Buy” button or so, must consider Smartlook!

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Since each screen recording is stored in the admin panel, the marketing, development, design, testing and all other teams can access and replay the visitor screen recording anytime.

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You may not want to completely replace website analytics with Smartlook, but it’s a must if you are working on a conversion optimization strategy. It will not save lot of time, but will also provide you with most accurate data as visitors browse the pages.

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Smartlook in Their Own Words:

Smartlook is the easiest way to record the screen of your visitors. We’ll record every visitor movement on your website. You’ll get to watch everything and become inspired with ingenious ways on how to improve your website. There are no complicated graphs, or numbers.

You easily see what happens on your website. Absolutely for free.


What Brings Smartlook to the Spotlight:

Smartlook is the easiest way to tune your website for free.


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