Snap, Tag, Share & Earn with Leafit

With billions of people actively using Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc on hourly basis, Social Media is not just limited to entertainment only. People are making huge money over Social Media, however you need skills and particular knowledge to make money on Social Media.

Leafit, a social activity monetization platform brings opportunity for general public to make money over social media, simply by sharing their favorite stuff. It’s simple; there are hundreds of products that you personally use and you like most of them to an extent that you would love to share those with connections. So, take a snap, tag it and share it; you’ll be rewarded with money for it!


Leafit in Their Own Words:
Leafit is a game-changing new social networking platform that harnesses the power of profit sharing to let you earn money from the photos you post every day, just by sharing the products you already love with the friends, family and followers you are already connected to.So while it may still be true that money doesn’t grow on the physical branches of trees, with Leafit you can grow money on the digital branches of your social network.

Leafit connects to all of your existing social networking accounts, so when you post a photo to Leafit, your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will see it, too.

When your friend clicks on an item in a photo you’ve posted, they’ll be automatically directed to whichever one of over 18,000 retailers has that item at the lowest price. With just one more click of a button, they can buy the item, and once they do, a portion of the profit will come back to you!


What Brings Leafit to Spotlight:
It’s as simple as ABC; one doesn’t need to be an online marketing expert to make money online!


Leafit Website:

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