Social Media Business Cards Samples and Design Ideas

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The most common misconception about doing Social Media business is that they generate all the leads online through Social Media itself. Well, that’s not the case with most of the leading Social Media strategists and experts. They personally meet people, join business groups, attend events and often participate as a public speaker under various banners.

So, if you are a Social Media expert planning to start your own Social Media Company, you must have in mind from the beginning, that the online medium alone is not enough to get you good business and you must have to work on a strategic combination of online and offline lead generation process.

One thing the leading Social media gurus do is to invest in attention grabbing business card that speaks about their expertise. At times the design of the business card matters most while other times the content on it.

Knowing the very obvious fact mentioned above, we have collected some samples of Social Media business cards for your reference, so you can have an optimized business card for your social media business. Let’s have a look at design ideas, example text and sample formats!

Social Media Expert Business Card Samples

You may use one of these business card samples as it is, or modify one according to your expertise and niche, however, make sure to have unique content (that should speak for you when you are not there).

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