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What Do Social Media Virtual Assistants Do?

With the astounding reach of social media across the nooks and corners of the world, it is quite safe to say that Social Media Marketing is a very powerful marketing strategy.

And one might think it is an easy task – after all, there’s nothing much to do but post content on different platforms. But no, social media marketing does not stop here.

A good marketing strategy and a dutiful social media marketing manager are two crucial elements required for a business to establish a strong online presence.

And this professional goes by different names, and “social media virtual assistant (VA)” is one of them. From forming a strategy to keeping track of the audience, they manage a wide range of tasks. You can know more about the position here.

If you are still wondering what exactly a social media virtual assistant does, then take a look at the list below!

1. Pitching Strategies

A strong strategy can do wonders for a business’s social media presence. By coming up with a proper plan, a social media VA will help your brand secure a commanding presence on several social media platforms.

2. Maintaining Social Media Presence

After initiating the presence, it is crucial to keep a constant theme running. A social media VA will know what to post and how to reach a target audience. Know more about how a virtual assistant helps your business to perform better by clicking here.

3. Curate Appropriate Content

The type of content that needs to be posted differs from one platform to another. A social media VA will research properly on the prevailing trends – they will know how to garner the attention of your audience. Also, curation of platform-appropriate content and media is a great advantage of hiring a VA.

Curation of content also includes publishing blogs, dabbling in visual media, writing copies for circulation, updating usual content, editing, and proofreading.

4. Scheduling Posts

By creating a proper content calendar, a social media VA keeps track of the content that needs to be published regularly. By scheduling social media posts, a social media VA can save substantial time and make use of it for other tasks. Also, an expert will have immense knowledge of how to make use of scheduling tools.

5. Keep in Touch With the Audience

Social media marketing doesn’t stop after your presence is established – it needs constant observation of your audience’s reaction. A VA will interact with the audience to gather their opinions. By doing so, they’ll know what kind of content the audience expects and deliver accordingly.

6. Monitoring Presence

A successful social media marketing strategy will help you gain more audience over time. A professional with the knowledge of social media insight tools will collect the needed stats and analyze the results. This will enable them to come up with better strategies that garner more reach and returns. Learn more about this here.

7. Analyzing Statistics

By analyzing social insights can give the social media VA an idea about how to come up with effective plans to cover more audiences. Also, these stats can be handy while preparing a report.

This is just an outline of the actual responsibilities of a social media virtual assistant – and that is the exact reason why a business needs to hire a professional VA to handle social media marketing better.


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