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6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Boost Your Startup’s Brand Awareness

In the latest years, brand awareness is one of the key things that marketers take into account. Without standing out a public image that is spread widely across the audience, it is impossible to get revenue and status in conditions of modern competition.

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6 Ways You Can Use Social Media to Boost Your Startup’s Brand Awareness

Fresh of the oven brands who want to reach success have to put many efforts into building a social media strategy, and this is just one of the many ways to boost the growth of your start-up.

Here you will learn about the most effective techniques for that, so let’s dig in together!

Purchase Paid Services

This aspect of growth is a rather controversial topic to discuss. On the majority of social platforms, purchasing stats for boosting your rating is considered illegal.

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However, many businesses and non-profits buy likes or cheap Instagram views to get different goals – drive traffic at the site, increase awareness, or keep up the engagement rates. Some prefer not using such services at all, so stepping on this road or not is solely your decision.

The vital thing to remember is that purchasing stats is not a complete substitution for organic growth. This can only be an instrument for attracting the attention of the audience and driving the interest of the public to things you need.

You should always track the balance, where the paid services will be a lesser part of your growth.

Create the Personality

On social media, people want to communicate with the brand not just as customer support, but as a personality as well. In fact, social network profiles are tools for humanizing your brand, thus making it closer to the potential consumers.

This is a known fact, yet many brands still choose the robotic manner of communication with their audience, because they think that this is a safe path for growth.

So here is the way to drive the focus to your startup – become an interesting persona for your followers and occasional visitors. Being interesting and original in your communication leads to a higher appreciation of your product and service.

  • Maintain a friendly and hearty manner of speaking
  • Address your followers politely, yet avoid being too cold in your speech
  • Show people standing behind your brand – that will enhance your human image
  • Add a bit of wit to your posts and stories. Humor is always a good choice for building up a connection with the audience.

Set Up the Style

Humans rely on their vision a lot. That’s why for good recognition you need to create a memorable visual key.

Making a certain look for your social media profiles is what increases the discoverability of your brand. So it is time to turn on your branding skills and feeling of style.

Branding, in all its aspects, is a demonstration of your product as well. By choosing certain forms and colors, you give your potential customers a hint, an idea for what your company offers. For example, if you produce home textile, you would prefer mild pastel colors and wavy round forms for your branding, because they accompany the thought of cozy warm homes.

Another important feature is that your brand logo and style decision have to be catchy. People’s attention has a short span, so you have to come up with something definitive and original.

Go for Popping-Out Content

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Right beside the style, comes the identification of every single post you make. At this point, you must tend to the most original and fresh content that describes your startup.

It is worth taking some classes for making outstanding photos. Luckily, there are a lot of these – online and offline. The ultimate goal of bright and distinctive content is to catch the user’s eye while scrolling through the feed and provoke him or her to discover more in your profile.

If your business offers services or consulting, here comes creativity as is. Your initial action would be exploring the market of illustration and graphic charts. Those can complement your public image and be an instrument for giving out useful information to your audience.


This concerns many activities that you may embrace on social media.

First of all, you must remember that social platforms are MADE for chatting! That is why users will highly appreciate your initiative in the conversation.

  • Write inviting captions to your posts. Ask questions and reveal your values, and then be ready to receive opinions and feedback from your followers.
  • Broaden your topics list. Again, people are interested in the person behind the startup, so don’t be afraid to share something that is not related to your business, but is related to yourself.
  • Put effort into responding to comments, and overall commenting. The section where people exchange their thoughts is not only a gold mine for social listening but a proven method to improve the connection with your audience. Avoid pointless exclamations or smilies, if there is such possibility.

Be Socially Active

Nowadays it is hard to stay unaware of problems in society.

One of the reasons for that is the wide usage of social media. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others are no longer just entertainment tools or business markets. People use them to make their voices heard, to show their attitude and support for different situations.

For your brand, being involved in social movements is a way to drive attention to it and secure support from like-minded followers and influencers. There are ground rules for that, as well.

  • Express only what you are sure of. Check all the information you want to share, so your position will be trustworthy.
  • Stand by your opinion. Changing your position too often will only provoke hatred and disappointment from your potential customers.
  • Show some real support to the things you believe in. Talking and sharing information is good, but being a business, your followers will expect to see the deeds to prove your position.

In modern society, being involved is a good point for businesses, especially startups, who need to gain a reputation quickly.

People are eager to buy products from brands that share the same attitude to things like ecology, social movements, or politics. For example, Lush cosmetics have a strong ecological and social position that is expressed in many ways – fighting animal testing, supporting local businesses, providing vegan products, creating specials dedicated to social events.

All that makes the brand easily recognized among others.


The competition for startups in any industry is tough. But social media come in great help when you need to boost the awareness of your brand.

Don’t be afraid to stand out and be ready to dive into lots of communication with your potential buyers.

Changing focus from merely the purchasing process to getting to know your audience is what will definitely attract users to your startup.


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