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Life is so busy that many times we forget seeing our best friends for longer. Though we have smartphones, at times it’s too difficult to call them or even text in detail. Texting and calling wastes more time even and can never replace the meet up!

As our lives are getting more and more hectic there is an essential requirement of platforms that make things happen on the go; imagine you are at a café near to your friends place and he gets a signal that you are there and you meet up. is a fun and exciting way to stay connected with peers and friends and increase social contacts via mobile device in your pocket. So, whether you are in your favorite restaurant, shopping mall, jogging in the park or just walking on the beach, let your real life friends and connections know with a single ping and have some great time!

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Get the app in your smartphone, and ping your friends in the address book to tell where exactly you are. Spend more time with your friends and less on texting!

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Mapple acknowledges the fact that there are time barriers which do not allow people to meet theirs friend spontaneously. There are privacy concerns about use of such platforms but does not store data and the profile of an individual is invisible to the strangers.

mapple me logo in Their Own Words: bridges the gap between available time and availability of friends to increase social contacts in real life by simply using the mobile device in your pocket.

It’s an easy to use tool to spend more time with your friends, instantly nearby or later elsewhere. Just with one ping, no calling, no texting.

Everyday life is getting more and more digital and the actual time spent with friends and family is getting less. There are so many opportunities to meet with people you love, if only you would know where they are at the moment, which friends are currently nearby and are available. If only you would know their current status and plans for later that day.

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It optimizes your time for social gatherings while making sure that you meet people on the go! Website: