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Socializing: Digitally Improvement

Like it or not online social is fast becoming the default way people make new connections. From social sites to social apps, the arrival of the Internet would forever change how we meet.

Socializing: Digitally Improvement

While this is the current reality for many, many of today’s popular apps fall short of meeting our needs. What’s worse is that in some cases using said apps can prove to be dangerous. Is there a better way?

Current Limitations

For almost all of 2020 and a large chunk of 2021 how we interacted with social apps changed. Rather than being content with just texting via an app, people yearned for a more intimate way to connect.

Given that we had to social distance, which forced us into using apps in inventive ways. However, the apps were not ready for what we needed of them.

Video chatting in a secure environment with real people, free from the feeling that we may be talking to a fake profile was what we needed.

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Changing World, Changing Apps

Many of the apps saw this and rushed to implement new features to meet these needs, unfortunately, they were often rushed and poorly implemented. One app seemed to be developed from the ground up to meet the brave new world’s online needs.

SayOki was developed from the ground up to support live connections via a fully-featured live video chat service. This has the result of freeing up how users meet others and promote making a direct connection.

Texting is hard in the sense that you cannot see any of the emotional cues we interpret from faces thanks to millions of years of evolution.

Refined Feature Set

With a focus on being able to chat with people that share your same interests, making a connection is made easier even for those with social anxiety. The app’s developers also placed a lot of focus on eliminating fake profiles.

The problem of fake profiles has long been a bane of online social apps. The problem is so prevalent in some apps that users have turned away in droves. An app’s inability to deal with fraudsters and scammers is what it is judged by.

For an app to try and eliminate this problem during the development phase rather than rushing to fix it when it’s a problem speaks volumes.

SayOki also promotes a uniquely global aspect to making real connections. Given that the Internet allows for extremely long-distance interactions, why must meeting new people be confined to specific regions?

The app allows you to communicate with users even if they are at opposite poles.


SayOki’s unique approach to correcting previous social apps flaws will be a relief to all those that have been starved of real human interaction while social distancing. The app’s core development philosophy truly shines through.


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