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Sofia; 24/7 in-house Data Analyst that Doesn’t Need a Desk

In order to get your online business on right growth track, it’s important to improve engagement and understanding your customer behavior is the key to do so. You can plan highly converting campaigns only when you know what exactly visitors are reading, clicking, swiping and tapping on the site or bouncing out from the pages.

Though Google Analytics is a comprehensive analytics tool, filtering out the data is very tricky. So, you may plan to hire a data analyst to find important stuff like:

  • The traffic sources that brings in the converting customers.
  • The average cost per conversion/revenue per channel.
  • How often the visitors are returning.
  • Which channels bring loyal customers.
  • Which visitors to target.
  • How to segment the audience
  • Lifetime value of your average customer.

Wait, you don’t need to hire a data analyst; Sofia does it all for you by telling you the story behind the data. You can get automatic, proactive insights to increase conversions, understand your visitors and improve your upcoming campaigns.

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You must know that even tons of traffic is worthless if they never come back or buy from you; Sofia tells you who is most likely to leave, so you target only those who are likely to convert!

Using it is as easy as copy & paste; copy the tracking code and paste in your website just like Google Analytics code and you are done.

Remember that identifying your most loyal customers is the only way to optimize your conversion strategy! Do it with Sofia; you can try the Beta for free until launch!

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Sofia in Their Own Words:

Sofia gives insights on how to attract the best quality users by identifying who they are, and understanding what interests them. This is important in order to maximize conversion, retention, and engagement. It eliminates the need to hire an entire data team – engineers and analysts. Capturing everything users do on a website, Sofia analyses and predicts, using cutting-edge machine learning algorithm, all important metrics pertaining to digital presence of a website.


What Brings Sofia to the Spotlight:

It’s a smart analytics tools for better conversion optimization!


Sofia Website:

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