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How Much Does Software Development Cost in Vietnam?

India and China are currently the industry leaders in IT and in outsourcing software programming. Nevertheless, according to Saigon Technology, Vietnam has emerged as a new outsourcing destination. Outsourcing in Vietnam is recognized as a low-cost solution because of the significantly lower rates.

Every year, more than 25,000 software engineers graduate from colleges and universities in the country. Software outsourcing companies further provide a big pool of skilled software developers required to meet the growing demand for outsourcing software services. Considered a dynamic country, Vietnam possesses great processing potential. In addition to that, the government is promoting its economy to acquire more foreign investment, providing great incentives in the IT industry.

So, how much can you really spend and save by partnering with a software development service provider in Vietnam? Is it worth the trouble?

Factors that affect the Salary Rate

The cost of building an app varies from one software to another. Moreover, not every developer will charge the same. When it comes to the salary of a developer or how much you’re going to spend to avail of the services of an outsourcing company in Vietnam, there are several factors that could impact it.

Market Availability

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Understandably, when you require tech talent, which is rare, you have to pay more. On the other hand, if the market is saturated with IT talents, the pay would be lesser of course.

Job Role and Years of Experience

It goes without saying that the more experience a developer has, the higher the expected salary would be. Based on a report, the cost of a software developer in Vietnam with 2 to 4 years of experience would be around $1,000 to $1,500. Management-level ones could vary between $1,500 to $2,500.


Every project has a different requirement with its own skill set. Thus, depending on the programming languages and skills, expect the salary to vary.


Where a developer lives and works also impacts the salary. The IT income salary in Vietnam, however, is much cheaper than in other countries like India, China, and Singapore. This means you can hire more talents to boost your tech operation while still having extra funds to spend on other important areas, such as office rent, HR, and so on.

Education Background

Besides experience, mastery of programming languages is an important requirement to secure work as a software developer and a greater chance of a salary increase. Nevertheless, there are some things that could be learned about coding online.


This should not affect the salary of a software developer. However, women are a minority in the software development industry in Vietnam since most of them have interests in other fields, and not in IT. This leads to the fact that often, men get a higher salary when it comes to the IT industry.

Salary Range in Vietnam

The amount could vary a lot depending on a particular profession. Of course, senior developers are more expensive than junior developers. Furthermore, the specific skill sets could also mean a premium amount.

Junior Level Developer with 0-2 Years of Experience

From $500 to $1000

Mid-Senior Developer with 2-5 Years of Experience

From $1000 to $1500

Senior Developer with 5 Years and More Experience

$1500 to $2500

The cost of hiring software developers in Vietnam is lower by 60 percent compared to Singapore, for instance. The labor cost of the country is ranked in the top three countries with the highest talent. This means that one of the biggest strengths of Vietnam lies in its tech labor availability.

Vietnam is fast becoming well-known as a low-cost software manufacturer in Asia. Moreover, outsourcing in the country is around 90 percent less expensive when compared to hiring US labor and cheaper by around 30 to 40 percent lower in China. Vietnam outsourcing is significant for organizations looking to develop a software solution in the most cost-effective way.

Qualifications of a Software Developer in Vietnam

To secure a software developer/engineer job, you need the following:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and/or Information Technology
  • Knowledge of programming languages, like Java, Python, and so on

Skillsets Expected of a Software Developer/Engineer

Programming Skills

Database, computer languages, integrating and building over current code, unit testing and debugging, mobile app development knowledge, browser testing, and basic operating systems understanding

Soft skills

Regularly, companies train people on soft skills to keep them motivated. Qualities, such as good oral and written communication, interpersonal skills, patience, clarity of thought, keenness to learn, and so on are vital skills that a software developer should possess.


Many companies train freshers in the technology that they hire. Basic computer knowledge or an equivalent degree is, however, required. Moreover, courses and certifications add an essential touch to the resume.

Logical thinking, curiosity, and problem-solving skills

Software developers are expected to be flexible enough to unlearn traditional methods and learn new approaches to an issue. If a part of the code fails to work, it should be dealt with in a new way.

Business Mindset

Having a business mindset enables the developer to think from a wider perspective and build code that could be extended and reused later on without having to do many changes.


Generally, Vietnam is deemed as a dynamic place with great Information Technology potential. This is all thanks to its sustainable, robust economic growth as well as stable politics. Moreover, the government has a lot of attractive and friendly policies that draw in more foreign investment.

As an emerging software outsourcing destination, Vietnam is ideal for businesses and organizations looking for technological advancement while maintaining their cost savings.

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