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5 Software Development Tools for Startups and Small Businesses

Software development tools are programs made by developers to work in conjunction with an established, larger program. They maintain it, debug it, and optimize it and its performance.

The programs themselves are relatively small and straightforward, designed to assist goal-reaching – to be a part of a sum total – working with other programs to get the best results out of them.

Here, we will take a brief look at 5 top software development tools, which can help you improve your online business.


Cloud9 has been around for just over a decade and was picked up and improved upon by Amazon Web Services several years ago. The magnitude of the AWS revamp has pushed it to the top, making it now one of the best software development tools available.

One of its major pros is that, as well as having the ability to be completely integrated online, it supports the top languages of software programming – PHP, JavaScript, Python, and so on. Some of its top features include writing, debugging, and running serverless apps.

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It also has a wide spectrum of possible configurations, with the ability to be used collaboratively with other developers in real-time. Similarly, solving automation problems related to the Python programming language in AWS can easily be mastered with a Python Boto3 tutorial. It is still available for free, however, since being acquired by AWS, this depends on the time spent using it.


NetBeans is an open-source software development tool, chiefly used for web applications, as well as desktop and mobile apps that have an intuitive drag-and-drop UI which has earned its go-to status and top recommendation accolades among developers because it simplifies the web design process.

Unlike some of its competitors and peers, this app has the reputation of being a keeper, with software developers going back to it having been unimpressed by newer, supposedly better, options.

Operational across all systems, well organized, and with dedicated support in place, NetBeans has earned a solid reputation from newcomers and programming veterans alike.

Aritic Pinpoint

Aritic PinPoint is a full-stack marketing automation software platform for marketing operations teams at small and medium businesses. It helps you to build relationships with leads, automate marketing campaigns and convert leads to paying customers with signed contracts easily.

It has features such as landing page builder, SEO tracking, keywords tracking, lead generation and nurturing, lead scoring, lead tracking, email campaign management, email campaign automation, push notification campaigns, marketing campaign builder, a/b testing, website tracking features with marketing assets management.

Aritic PinPoint integrates with CMS, like WordPress, Drupal, has bi-directional native CRM integration with Salesforce, SugarCRM, Dynamic CRM, Zoho CRM, and social media platform integration with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Foursquare, Instagram.

Aritic PinPoint is perfect for a marketing team to get going from day one. It is user-friendly and is easy to understand in seconds.


Designed more for large companies and collaborative teams, GitHub is completely dedicated to code. It provides the ability to not just write but also review and manage code and contains everything you could need for any commercial software development.

One of its most popular features is its repository, a host – or in this case, more of a safe-house – where large sums of code can be stored away securely within a virtual vault.

Reliable and with very impressive speed, usable by novices and by experts and coming with automatic alerts – then also the fixes – to any vulnerabilities, GitHub has earned itself a solid reputation making it deserving of mention on any software development short-list.


Not immediately for novices, this long-standing favorite among developers is best out of the box for those who already have considerable coding knowledge and experience.

With Java-based web application development being its specialty, CodeLobster supports HTML, WordPress, CSS, JavaScript, Smarty – and more. It has the ability to inspect and edit all of these, and for those who know what they are doing, it has very strong capabilities with its main purpose being that of building strong web applications.

Should you be new to software development though, don’t be completely put off. For beginners, it is still usable if you are not in a rush to get to the top of the learning curve.

Regarding availability, there is a free version, but to go professional will require payments of $79.99 per three activations. Additional updates to this will then cost a further charge per annum.


A hugely popular software development tool, Jira can be used across the full formation process from initial conceptualization to releasing the created software. More than just a developmental tool, it also can take the burdens of project management.

Workloads among a team can be delegated allowing for prioritization and better efficiency, and it will create reports on performance highlighting where more improvements can be made. Jira itself can be integrated with other software programs, as well as aiding collaboration between teams.

Fully customizable with huge space for maneuverability, there are a wealth of abilities on hand which has made Jira a popular go-to, both for software development and project management, making it a win-win for its users.


Flatlogic Web app generator is a no code platform for creating full stack web applications just from scratch. It is a sort of SaaS product that resolves the need of making absolutely ready-to-use CMS with front-end, back-end, and database.

You create application business logic by adding custom entities, fields and by defining relationships between them.

This way you build any type of data management system, admin interfaces, or whatever project you may need. For instance, you can create a sort of your own Tinder, or Medium, or a prototype of Amazon in just a few clear steps.

Flatlogic web app builder hosts the web app, serverless functions, and other essential server-side resources. After building a skeleton for your СRUD app, you may check the source code and customize it to your needs.

Thanks to GitHub version control, you can keep track of all your changes. All the improvements in your generated app will be shown in the repository on GitHub.

You can see your final app online before subscribing to the whole service of the web app generator. Take your web app and deploy it in minutes.


LitCommerce is the most simple and affordable multi-channel selling tool. This app allows e-merchants to expand their online store by integrating products (and other data) across numerous sales channels like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and far more.

With LitCommerce, you can list and manage products with ease and take advantage of its additional features.

Product Listing in Bulk

Start selling on the top global marketplaces is quick and effortless with LitCommerce bulk listing software. You can easily select products from your central catalog to create listings and publish on the desired sales channel in just one click.

Real-Time Synchronization

Every time you make changes to your product attributes such as name, price, inventory, images, etc., LitCommerce will automatically update between your sales channels to save you time and minimize repetitive tasks.

Advanced Order Management

Managing and fulfilling orders with a multi-channel selling tool is no longer a hassle. The system will automatically sync your orders from every sales channel to one central store. It helps you deliver products in time and keep track of statistics.

For example, if you’re a handmade seller who brings out the most unique and vintage items and is currently selling on WooCommerce platform, an WooCommerce Etsy integration could be your best choice.

WP Reset

Are deployment, testing, and recovery in WordPress taking too much of your time? Try WP Reset!

Using this plugin, you can reset, restore, and control the WP environment using practically one click.

WP Reset allows you to create plugin and theme collections that can be installed in bulk, take and use database snapshots using which you can revert a site back to a previous state, reset a website completely or partially, and do much more.

Along with all of this, it offers a specialized tool called Emergency Recovery Script which can help you get your site back in the worst of situations (including hacks).


What software development tools you and your business need will ultimately depend on what it is you want and where it is you want it.

Some tools are designed with specifics in mind whereas others come with greater generalization, but whatever the case, the software is there to help your business become more professional and efficient.


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