3 Ways Software Can Make Your eCommerce Business More Sustainable

Statistics show that 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable goods. And that’s not surprising, with the number set to increase even more in the coming years, as people become more aware of the damage that unsustainable eCommerce practices can have on the environment and people worldwide.

3 Ways Software Can Make Your eCommerce Business More Sustainable

That’s why forward-thinking online brands must already be thinking about making their business more sustainable and more appealing to the next generation of buyers. Today, it’s not just about the price and the quality; it’s just as much about where the products came from and how they reach the end buyer.

The good news is that you can use technology to make going green much easier. Even seemingly minor changes to how you operate and sell can make a massive difference in your carbon footprint.

With that in mind, let’s look at what sustainability looks like in eCommerce, why it matters, and how you can change your brand for the better.

What is Sustainability in Ecommerce?

Sustainability can be a bit of a generic term, so not everyone knows exactly what it means. In fact, many people know that it’s a positive thing but don’t know how that can look in practice, at least when it comes to the way they shop (or sell) online.

However, in many ways, eCommerce is just like any other channel for selling, which means that green and environmentally-conscious practices can be implemented and have a significant impact.

One of the most popular ways to cut down on the carbon footprint is to source products from ethical sources, pick suppliers that are implementing sustainable practices, and shorten the logistics chain while reducing its effects on the environment.

Another crucial aspect of sustainability in eCommerce is the packaging. You need to think about how your products are packaged and delivered so that the waste that’s left is reduced to a minimum.

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Finally, sustainability means being conscious about your business’s impact on the social and economic conditions in the countries your products are produced in. Many online stores have taken a hit in their reputation for using shady manufacturing practices that compromise the well-being of people or animals for a bigger profit.

How to Use Software to Improve Sustainability

Now that we’ve understood what sustainability looks like in eCommerce, the next challenge is figuring out how to make your company more sustainable using today’s technology.

Let’s go through a few ways how software can help you become a more eco-friendly brand that your buyers will want to buy from.

Rely on Line Sheet Software

The coronavirus pandemic has taught us that the vast majority of businesses can do just fine without having to travel to meet manufacturers or see the product lines in person.

Since travel has become much more difficult, most fashion and other types of eCommerce stores have been forced to reconsider how they source, choose and implement product lines in their stores.

And that’s where apparel line sheet solutions have been an indispensable tool.

These tools allow B2B eCommerce providers to showcase their lines in great detail, streamlining many of the processes associated with adding the lines to different stores and eliminating the need to travel thousands of miles to view the selection in person.

Manufacturers and brands can also use line sheets to showcase their assortment and upcoming collections directly to their buyers, providing all of the essential information, including the sizes, styles, prices, and anything else that might be needed.

Take Control of Your Inventory

shipping place

One of the most significant expenses eCommerce sellers face is dealing with inventory. Overhead costs of storing products are increasing every year, forcing them to use more electricity, pay more for storage space, and waste resources that could otherwise be saved.

Luckily, today’s inventory management solutions make it easy to stay on top of your products and find the perfect balance between always having enough items in stock without having to store too much.

Leading tools can even provide you with real-time data, providing the opportunity to track multiple vendors and the remaining items they offer and quickly order more as you near the end of your supply.

If you create your own products, you can also use product & inventory management to stay on top of the raw materials you use, stocking up just enough to keep production running smoothly.

Streamline Processes and Support Sustainable Causes

Finally, if you want to separate yourself from the competition and become the sustainability leader in your industry, you should not just make your own business more environmentally conscious but also actively contribute to causes that make a difference in the world.

In fact, many companies have found tremendous success with donating a percentage of their proceeds to sustainable causes, which not only makes running a business much more satisfying but will also make it much easier to get people to want to buy from you.

And the best part is, if you streamline your business processes using modern eCommerce tools, you can cut costs elsewhere and transfer part of the savings towards sustainable causes without having to sacrifice your current profits.

Using sales order management features that leading solutions offer, you can automate many of the otherwise manual processes, requiring fewer people on your team and needing less time to process a large number of orders.

You can also automatically track profits and even set up monitoring for commissions and royalties based on the customer types, discounts, and other unique settings you put in place.

In the end, using software to run your eCommerce business more effectively can reduce the pressures of remaining profitable, giving you bigger profit margins that you can then use to finance worthy causes your audience can relate to.

And since every purchase contributes to positive change globally, people will want to buy from brands like yours, and that will make it much easier to build a loyal following that will stay with you for many years to come.

Final Words

Sustainability has become an integral part of running an eCommerce business. Whether you’re a wholesale seller or operate in retail, you need to think about how to make your business more sustainable and minimize the damage you are doing.

Luckily, eCommerce software solutions available today make this much easier, not only directly contributing to the reduction of the impact on the environment but also allowing you to maximize profits that you can then use to make the world a better place.


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