Soundwave; The World of Music in Your SmartDevices!

Imagine if you listened some heart touching music some day, you are feeling like listening to it again but you’re unable to find which song it was. How nasty could the feeling be?

To avoid such a situation you must have a Soundwave account, which is your gateway to the world of music where you can not only keep a record of all what you listen but also share, rate and discuss your favourite music with people of same taste. On the other hand, the music map shows what people around you are listening to; you might like to connect to those as well!

Soundwave is an ocean of music for music lovers to dive in. It tracks your music from iPhone , laptop, desktop, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, 8tracks, and Rdio etc and builds your complete music profile which you can share with the world or can keep it private if you wish to. For music geeks it’s a must have on their smart devices as well as on their dektop/laptops!


Soundwave in Their Own Words:

Creating a Soundwave account gives you instant access to a community of music lovers. By following others with similar music taste you can instantly discover the music they are listening to – allowing you to find new music and rediscover old music. Soundwave also acts as your personal music tracker (or playlist) – we’ll seamlessly track the music you listen to on your phone/laptop/desktop through YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Soundcloud, Deezer, 8tracks, Rdio etc. Essentially building you the playlist of your life! You’ll never forget a song again because Soundwave will track and store all your music on your Soundwave profile. It’s never been easier to find new music!

What Brings Soundwave in Spotlight?

Soundwave is the only service so far that tracks music from 25+ different platforms and so for music lovers with any smart device it is all in one music center.  Other than providing complete music profile for individuals, it shows the music industry trends and listening habits on a very much localized level. This is probably a breakthrough in the music industry itself; +700,000 users from 190 countries in less than a year says so!

Soundwave Website:

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