SpareStub; Eventgoers Get Connected Socially & Conveniently

Imagine, you purchased two tickets for the movie, but the person you wanted to go with is not available; so one of the ticket is wasted. And, probably both the tickets are wasted because you do not have company to join you there!

Wait, it’s not wasted; you can sell the ticket as well as find a company to go to movie with you. All you need to do is to join SpareStub. The platform is not yet available for public, but they are open to beta users.

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SpareStub’s idea of event tickets resale is though not new, but its working seem to be more interactive with the idea of social activity.

The good thing about SpareStub is that they stress a culture of fair pricing and low fees, i.e. near-face-value.

Reselling an extra event ticket for a concert, sporting event, theater show or anything else is not easy on Craigslist and others, however, with SpareStub you can find a buyer quickly as it works on connecting people on the basis of shared interests.

Further, users can update their profiles and can message each other before the event. If you’re looking for new friends or spontaneous plans, check out who has a spare stub in your area.

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SpareStub in Their Own Words:

SpareStub is a new addition to the event space that marks the intersection of social and ticket resale. If you’re left with an extra event ticket, you can post it on SpareStub and not only find a buyer, but also someone to go to the event with you. SpareStub is all about fair pricing, near-face-value tickets, and low fees, while the big guys can take between 20-45% in fees on each ticket.

What Brings SpareStub to the Spotlight?

It’s convenient, social and an ideal option for spontaneous event plans. On the other hand, it’s a great value for those who are left with extra tickets.

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