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8 Useful Tips How to Speed up Slow Streaming Service

Streaming is one of the most popular forms of entertainment today. But, it can be frustrating when video quality becomes choppy and audio slows down to a minimum.

8 Useful Tips How to Speed up Slow Streaming Service

Many different factors could affect streaming services. Let us take a look at how we can speed it up:

1. Using a Virtual Private Network

There are a variety of solutions to this problem, one being using VPN for firestick or devices. It helps you by making your internet connection secure and anonymous. VPN routes your IP through a server and stops the ISP from tracking you. As a result, you will face less bandwidth throttling while streaming, thus avoiding persistent buffering issues.

2. Check Your Network for Intruders

Intruders and malware are a threat to all home networks. The former may be stealing your bandwidth, while the latter can slow down your internet or infect other devices on the network. Also, check if your Wi-Fi connection is easily accessible to others if anyone is using it without your permission. It can be a reason for slow streaming. Try changing your Wi-Fi password.

3. Use an Ethernet Cable Instead of Wi-Fi

Using an ethernet cable for your internet can help you avoid any lag or buffering issues with your streaming service. If you have a wired computer for playing video games, take the time to connect it to the internet via an ethernet cable. Ethernet cables generally support a higher speed of up to 1Gbps, and the latest Cat 7 cables can support a phenomenal 10Gbps.

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Of course, running cables throughout the home may not be a workable option to consider in every case.

4. Turn Off Competing Devices

The number of internet-connected devices in your home directly impacts your current speed, as more devices in use means competing for bandwidth. If you have many TVs or computers connected to the same network, this may be slowing down your experience. To avoid this problem, try shutting down any unnecessary devices while streaming and see if it helps.

5. Choose a Lower Streaming Resolution

With lower resolutions, you will be able to play videos more smoothly and watch your favorite shows without buffering. If you want a higher resolution for the best picture quality, be sure to check the channel’s website before you start streaming. Many channels offer many connection speeds so that you can customize your viewing experience based on what looks best.

6. Delete Temporary Cache Files

Yes, the temporary files create digital clutter that could slow down your video streaming service. That is because your streaming service stores them in a different location than the rest of the program files. You do not have to delete these cache files permanently, but if you do, you will be freeing up some space on your hard drive for faster access times.

7. Move Your Router and Devices

Your Wi-Fi signal will struggle to travel through thick walls and furniture. Try moving your router or streaming device (if using a wireless one) into an open space. Also, if you are adding more than a few wireless devices to your home network, it is best to invest in a WiFi range extender.

8. Make Use of Local Storage

Yet another way to enjoy crisp video playback is to download the files to your playback device. This way, you can access the files without relying on an internet connection for streaming services that require one. When you want to watch something new, you can delete the old file and download a new one.


There are many reasons that streaming services may be slow, but the good news is there are some simple fixes you can try to speed up your connection. These tips range from using a VPN or an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi to moving your router and devices away from other electronics so they do not interfere with the signal. All these are inexpensive or almost free, so do try them for a better streaming service.


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