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Best Ways to Speed Up the Money Counting Process

Every business needs productivity to survive. With any service-related business, the exchange of money is something that constantly happens all day. Therefore, employees must be fast at handling all types of currency.

People who have been working in specific industries for a while have most likely found a few tips and tricks along the way to make handling money go smoothly. But, not everyone has gained experience through the years, and a few tips and tricks can help them along their money counting journey.

We have the best ways to speed up the money counting process for those who need help with this essential skill.

Sort, Organize, Add

A great way to speed up the money counting process is to sort your bills, organize them, and finally add up the amount. What you will want to do is separate the money into their denominations.

The best way to keep them organized while not compromising speed is to ensure they are all facing the same direction. Next, start counting each stack of denominations.

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The way to do this is to put the money into your non-dominant hand, use your dominant hand to place the money on the counter in front of you, and count out loud.

Once you reach fifty bills from a denomination, stop counting and wrap the bills in a rubber band. If you have extra bills, be sure to count those at the end. Lastly, you will want to add each stack, starting with the highest denomination. A calculator is best to use in this last step.

Use a Bill Counter

Investing in a bill counter is the fastest and most efficient way to count money. Depending on the money counting machine that you buy, you can count in the range of a thousand bills per minute.

Plus, a bill counter will keep track of the amount you are counting, which provides more accuracy. And, you will not have to divide each of the denominations into their receptive stacks, since more advanced money counters can count different denominations all at once.

Therefore, a money counter will help speed up the process significantly and improve productivity rates.

Faster Hand Counting

Another way to increase your speed when counting money is to increase speed by hand. To increase speed by hand, you will want to take a stack of the same denomination of bills and fold them in half.

Then, flip through the bills by using your thumb for the first bill, your pointer finger for the second bill, your middle finger for the third bill, your ring finger for the fourth bill, and your pinky for the fifth bill, and do this again until you have counted all the money.

Of course, this takes time to master, but it can be mastered with some practice.

Learning how to count money fast is a skill to master if you deal with money daily, and being able to count it quickly will help you be more productive at work. Therefore, speeding up the money counting process can improve your overall work life.


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