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Tim Harrison On US Sports Betting Scene

Online Sports Betting In The USA: A Tentative Overlook

Online gambling is not new anymore. The practice has reached almost every world, including the USA. The USA, however, was not very friendly toward online betting initially.

In today’s guide, where we have sports bet experts from BetZillion, we plan to take a beginner’s lesson on sports wagering online. The guru today is none other than Tim Harrison. Those of you who followed our previous gambling posts must know Tim already!

Tim Harrison To Is Online Betting Legal In The US?

According to Tim and all other betting gurus at BetZillion, you must be aware of the legal status of any activity in your country before participating. You’d be glad to know that sports betting is legal in the USA!

However, the legal precedence is not the same as in the rest of the world. It’s simply because the federal government has decriminalized online betting but hasn’t regulated it or imposed any rules. That is the jurisdiction of state governments.

It is why you see state-based guides regarding online sports betting sites in the country. In 2018, the American Supreme Court dissolved the age-old Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA) to make online gambling more friendly for punters. Since then, the states have been coming forward with bills to legalize betting.

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At the time of writing this piece, under the supervision of Tim Harrison, 30 states allow sports betting. Among them, 18 have already legalized online wagering, and the rest are in the process of doing so.

Another important aspect of online gambling to keep in mind is that one state government can only grant a license within its state lines. It means an operator needs to apply for a license across all the states it wants to operate in. Moreover, the online license must be pegged with a physical gambling venue within the state.

So, how do these things apply to the punters, you ask? The most important note is that you must be physically present within the state to participate in real money betting. It doesn’t have to be your home state. If you’re crossing through a state and want to place some bets during your tenure, be sure to find licensed betting sites.

To get more information — use this link — Ft. Tim Harrison: What Are Some Safety Tips For Gambling In The USA?

As we’re all novices at IPS, we wanted to learn some safety tricks from the betting guru. Tim was generous enough to teach us the tips he picked up throughout his time in the industry.

Don’t Forget The License

Every time Tim was here before, he emphasized the license. This time, it was the same. We understand the logic as a license is the most important element for player safety at online betting sites.

It’s especially important in the USA as the gambling laws are not the same as in the rest of the world. When you play at unlicensed sportsbooks, you not only put your money at risk but also valuable personal data like your email address, bank account details, credit card numbers, account passwords, and whatnot!

Sports Options And Odds Comparison

We’re focusing on the sports betting portion of the iGaming industry. The primary activity here is betting on sports. You need access to good quality sports markets and tournaments to enjoy your time.

When evaluating the sports options, compare the odds with other bookmakers in the state. If you’re not aware, sports betting is solely dependent on odds. The better odds you can find, the more you can expect to win.

Across all US betting sites, American odds is the format to go with. It’s based on a $100 wager. A match’s favorite and the underdog is distinguished using (-) and (+) signs. If the odds say (-170), you need to wager $170 to win a $100 profit.

Conversely, a (+170) odds mean you can win a $170 profit by wagering $100. You can determine how safe the site is by comparing odds with other reputed bookmakers. It’s normal for the odds to be marginally different. But if they’re off by a lot, chances are the operator doesn’t use proper rules to calculate the odds.

Real User Reviews

Being a betting expert himself, Tim encourages our readers to look for actual user reviews after they go through the expert reviews. His reasoning is simple. The punters are directly engaging with a platform. The users’ cumulative experience will always be more impactful than the short time betting gurus spend on a site.

BetZillion has a portal where users can submit their impressions of bookies. Tim recommends that you check them out before signing up for a particular one.

Always Read Terms and Conditions

The license and the T&C are perhaps 2 of the most commonly discussed aspects of online betting. The terms and conditions page is supposed to contain all the legal and social rules you need to know to bet on a platform.

The page will contain:

  1. the licensing information,
  2. the bonus rules,
  3. what sports you can bet on,
  4. how much money you can put on a single bet,
  5. how much you can withdraw from your account,
  6. rules for individual sports,
  7. any special rules for Esports,
  8. plenty of other helpful data.

We’re so adamant about the T&C section because a trusted online betting site in the USA will always disclose all of its terms publicly. If you can’t find anything useful on the T&C page, it’s best to skip that brand.

Final Thoughts: Tim Harrison’s Guide To Responsible Gambling

In simple words, responsible gambling refers to managing your finances for gambling purposes. If not checked, the habit can spiral out of control very fast. The biggest threat is that most people don’t even realize they’re crossing the limits until it’s too late!

Thankfully, all online bookies in the US offer helpful, responsible gambling tools you can use on your account. Tim has listed the most effective ones for you.

  • Deposit Limits: As the name suggests, you can control how much you can deposit in your account in a day, week, or month. Once you reach the limit, the bookmaker won’t let you deposit more.
  • Loss Limits: This is one of Tim’s favorites because it helps keep track of the funds better. There’s no way to avoid losses when you’re gambling. But there are ways to avoid losing more than you intend to. When you add a loss limit to your account, your betting options are locked as soon as you reach the limit.
  • Time Limits: You can also limit how long you want to spend on the platform daily. You’ll be automatically logged out once the time limit is reached.
  • Cool-off Period: From time to time, you may need to cool off and breathe fresh air instead of looking at the screen. So, trigger a cool-off period and come back once it’s over.
  • Self-Exclusion: This is somewhat of a drastic measure to stay away from gambling. If you trigger self-exclusion in your account, the minimum away time is 6 months.

Apart from these default tools, you can seek external help from organizations like GamCare, Gambling Addiction, National Problem Gambling Clinic, Gambling Therapy, and so on.

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