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Top 10 Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in Now

Today there are many areas to invest in. One of the most profitable areas is sports technology. They are developing very quickly and are in demand these days.

10 Sports Tech Ideas to Invest in Now

In this article, specialists will tell you about the best sports startups that are worth investing in right now.

BBox Sports (Netherlands)

The startup specializes in augmented reality. With the app, you can travel to the world’s largest stadiums, take a photo with a virtual player of your favorite team or record a short video with him, or play soccer with a famous athlete.

Also, using BBox Sports you can view the statistics of each player, read their famous quotes or see personal photos.

Beyond Sports BV (Netherlands)

The company offers the fan a virtual reality experience inside the match of his favorite team. Thanks to artificial intelligence and data on the movement of players, everyone can look at what is happening on the field through the eyes of a player and replay a dangerous or goal-scoring moment.

Previously, Beyond Sports BV technologies have already been used in professional sports. Soccer clubs such as Ajax and Arsenal used the company’s developments in training to study the game moments in more detail and analyze the players’ actions during matches.

IDOVEN (Spain)

This start-up in the field of distant cardiology allows non-invasive detection of heart problems at an early stage.

With the help of a special monitoring kit, the development of the Spanish company analyzes the health indicators of the athlete during training and rest and helps prevent diseases such as myocardial infarction.

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One of the investors in the project is former Real Madrid soccer club goalkeeper Iker Casillas, who became one of the most famous athletes to suffer a heart attack. It happened during a training session more than a year ago.

The startup IDOVEN was created in preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The company was chosen by Google Corporation to participate in the Google for Startups Residency program, which brings together the most technological projects at the national level. (France)

Thanks to virtual and augmented reality technologies, the startup allows everyone to feel like a soccer player. You can train as a goalkeeper or striker and enter the field to the cheers of the crowded stands.

Also, shows statistics in real-time. Thanks to this development, you can create a model of a real soccer field right on your coffee table.

iSPORTiSTiCS (Brazil)

The company has developed the PolePosition platform, which visually displays player statistics and allows for a more detailed analysis of past matches.

Using the widgets of this program, you can see how fast the athlete is moving, track the trajectory of the ball in real-time. This development will be very useful for coaches, scouts, and the media who are engaged in broadcasting matches and sports analytics.

Mi Hiepa (UK)

Manchester-based startup Mi Hiepa has created the Rezzil platform for training professional soccer players using virtual reality. The development consists of hardware and software that uses a database of training sessions and matches.

How is the training session going? A person puts on sneakers and shin guards with special sensors, virtual reality glasses, stands on a 3 by 3-meter grass mat and is transferred to a virtual soccer field.

Rezzil is loaded with several dozen drills. Almost all of them improve cognitive skills like the speed of thinking and reaction, the vision of the field, assessment of episode development, and cognitive flexibility.

The player is assessed by four parameters (accuracy, reaction speed, technique, self-control) and points are awarded. For five tests, a maximum of 100 points can be scored.

The platform has already been bought by Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Juventus, Hull City (you can find the rating of the best bookmaker companies for betting on the matches of these teams on

The company representatives are currently in talks with several MLS teams.

Pico-Get Personal (Israel)

The development of the company allows you to identify fans of clubs and track their entire path, from meeting a team or a specific match to becoming a loyal fan. Also, Pico-Get Personal offers a personalized platform where fans can communicate with each other.

The development will be of interest to sports clubs and companies since thanks to it you can study the target audience of a specific project and determine its preferences.

Sport Buff (UK)

This app completely redefines the approach to watching a match.

While watching the game, you can choose the best player of the match, vote for which event will happen next, and immediately view the results that appear on the screen right during the broadcast. At the same time, you will not have to distract yourself from the sports match.

All this allows the audience to feel as much as possible involved in the game.

Zone7 (Israel, USA)

This app allows you to predict an injury even a few days before it occurs. Artificial intelligence analyzes medical, biomechanical, and performance data on the athlete in training to identify future injuries.

The development is already being used by European and American football and baseball teams, as well as national teams to keep players safe. The results show that a startup from Israeli and American developers is helping to dramatically reduce injury rates among professional athletes.

Asensei (USA)

Asensei (USA) is a sports training application.  The user can watch videos with exercise complexes from the best fitness experts and famous athletes, repeating the movements after them, and the program will track the correctness of each element using special sensors.

At the same time, the application provides feedback in real-time, so that the user can quickly adjust their actions.


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