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Spotify Marketing Guide: How Do You Create a Radio Ad?

Are you doing all you can to attract customers to your start-up?

You may have done everything right. You may have even already done some advertising. But attention is not going to where it used to. 

Spotify Marketing Guide: How Do You Create a Radio Ad?

In the past decade, streaming services have come to dominate the market for music listening. Spotify alone has over 250 million monthly users.

The market has opened up again for radio ads, and any business that doesn’t use them is missing out on a serious marketing opportunity.

This article takes you through all the steps you need to use Spotify marketing to attract people’s attention.

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Why Should You Use Spotify Marketing? 

If the 250 million monthly users haven’t convinced you, consider how people use Spotify. It isn’t like a standard social media app. People use it to listen to music, so when they put it on Spotify, they can often use it while doing other things.

This means that their ears are completely open to you, even if they’re on the internet, working out, planning a party, or just hanging out with friends.

The advantages don’t stop there. The average Spotify listener listens to 25 hours of content monthly. On top of that, the majority of Spotify listeners are in the younger generation, with only 36% of American adults under thirty not having Spotify.

What this means is that people not only listen to Spotify but pay attention to Spotify. The average listener listens for a long time, and it clearly has captured the ears of the youth, which means that in the future it will only grow in listeners.

No matter what your business is, it’s a good idea to market on Spotify.

What Are Spotify Radio Ads Like?

A Spotify radio ad is an advertisement that appears between songs for free users. These ad-breaks occur around every 15 minutes and usually feature more than one ad. Ads are 15-30 seconds long.

On top of that, there are many ways to strategize your Spotify ads. An advertiser can choose which genres of music they advertise on and even put them, on a specific playlist.

Ads for Spotify are even better than old-fashioned radio ads because while listening, users have the opportunity to click through links to your website.

Now that you understand what Spotify Ads sound like, let’s tell you how to make them.

How To Advertise on Spotify 

Running a radio ad is simple and Spotify will help you easily through the process.

Once you’re on the website, it’ll give you two objectives. The one you’ll want to pick is “Raise awareness for a brand, business, or organization.”

After that, it will ask you which music you’ll want your ad to appear with. You can choose to “target all music”, pick a genre, or pick a playlist category.

Then it will ask you which platforms you want to target. You can select all of them, or pick specific devices.

Then it will ask you about your budget. The budget is determined by how specific your marketing is, the volume of your ads, and how long you want them to run for. The minimum you can spend is $250 at 15-25 cents an ad served.

Now that you know how the process for online advertisement, let’s teach you the most important step in how to make a commercial. The recording.


Spotify will give you the option between submitting your own audio for a radio ad, or sending them a script they will read. This gives you a couple of options.

Of course, it may seem easier to send a script into Spotify and have them read it. While Spotify is a trustworthy service, this will make quality control harder, and if the recording doesn’t come out the way you like it, you’ll be out of luck.

This also leaves you with the option of recording the advertisement yourself. It may seem easy to lean into the microphone of your computer and record, but that will most likely come out sounding unprofessional and sloppy.

Recording an ad is difficult and important. Without the proper execution, your ad will be dead before it even hits the water.

There are many things to consider: proper diction is not easy to achieve. The voice you speak in that’s understood by people in your life may come out sounding garbled and unprofessional when recorded.

In addition to that, if you happen to have a strong regional dialect — even something as common as a Southern accent — people may not be able to understand you in fifteen seconds.

Another thing to consider is recording quality. The microphone on your computer most likely doesn’t sound very great, and even if you do own a microphone, they’re tough to use.

You don’t want a listener going from some slickly recording music to a voice that sounds like it was recorded on a Zoom call.

Fortunately, many services on the internet can create great radio ads for you. They have access to professional readers, which can handle diction, professional recording equipment, so the sound comes out crisp and clear, and editing software, to give the voice a rich, engaging sound.

You’d do well to use a trusted, professional voice-over company, like this one With them, you can not only write your message but pick from a list of voices you want to record, both male and female.

With a properly recorded radio ad, you’ll be well on your way to not only getting your advertisement heard but paid attention to.

A well-recorded radio ad will serve you better than any Spotify marketing tips you can read online.

Get Advertising!  

Now that you know the benefits of Spotify marketing and the basics of how to create a radio ad, there’s nothing stopping you from creating an effective marketing campaign.

By working with Spotify and a good recording company, it will be easy to make a quality ad within your budget that will be heard by many.

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