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The Crucial Benefits of SSL Certificate Management to Your Business

Embracing e-commerce and other digital solutions for improving processes in your company gives you an upper hand over competitors. It also attracts more attention than bargained for, as websites increasingly become targets for hackers. You can’t overlook the importance of up-to-date SSL certificates for secure communication.

This post covers crucial reasons for a robust security certificate management system for better security, increased user trust, compliance, and better SERP ranking.

What is SSL Certificate Management?

SSL certificate management refers to monitoring and managing certificates’ life cycle, including acquisition, deployment, tracking, renewal, usage, and revocation. It works better when you involve a trusted certificate authority (CA) with extensive infrastructure to maintain updated security measures.

Four Reasons Your Business Needs Credible SSL Certificate Management

It’s not enough to have SSL certificates. You also want them to be valid and credible to ensure you are not leaving your site exposed to attacks. Here are some benefits of excellent SSL certificate management;

1. Improved Security

Thousands of sites are hacked every day due to poor security. SSL certificates protect the information on your website, including customer details, login credentials, addresses and contacts, payments, and other personal information.

It is not enough to deploy SSL certificates. You must also seek a credible Certificate Authority for a quality solution.

A recognized CA will do much heavy lifting to maintain a healthy certificate lifecycle. This includes keeping a comprehensive record of revoked certificates and updating your business with new ones regularly. On the contrary, free certificates are less secure and may be too old.

2. Stay PCI DSS Compliant

Any business that accepts or plans to start supporting credit card transactions must comply with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) requirements. These standards were set by major credit card industry players like Visa, MasterCard, and American Express as part of their attempt to minimize fraud.

A primary part of the requirements involves obtaining a valid certificate from a recognized CA with experience managing SSL certificates. As a merchant, having an authoritative certificate ensures compliance and protects your customers as they transact on your site.

3. Better SERP Ranking

Search engines are weary of phishing attacks. They are constantly rolling out updates with measures that punish less secure sites in order to discourage complacency. For example, Google started marking all sites without HTTPS as insecure in 2018 and has kept the changes since.

Google’s ranking algorithm favors sites with valid SSL certificates as part of the search engine’s HTTPS everywhere Campaign. Although many other metrics go into Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), managing SSL certificates will give you a slight boost in ranking and an upper hand over competitors who lack the same level of security.

4. Increased Credibility and Trust

An SSL certificate increases your credibility and earns your users’ trust. This fact is especially true considering Google marks sites without HTTPS with a “Not Secure” warning and lets visitors choose whether to proceed or abandon ship. Expectedly, most people choose the latter.

Internet users are increasingly aware of the cyber threats surrounding them and how to browse safely. Research shows that sites with SSL certificates enjoy an 18-87% increase in conversions.

When reviewing your SSL, remember that Domain Validated (DV) certificates don’t verify that your company is legally registered and recognized. You want to ensure you have organization-validated (OV) or Extended Validated (EV) certificates from a qualified certificate authority.

Crucial Tools for Your Business 

Although cybercriminals are forever becoming more innovative, so are SSL Certificate management experts such as Sectigo. Consider working with a recognized CA to protect your business from data breaches, increase user trust, improve rankings, and ensure compliance with PCI DSS requirements.

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