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Things to Consider When Starting an Art Studio like a Business

Starting an art studio is a dream for many artists. The idea of having an art studio as a business will both challenge and excite you.

Things to Consider When Starting an Art Studio like a Business

Starting any business can come with challenges, such as staying motivated when money is tight or keeping customers coming back for more.

These are just some of the reasons why artists fail in their attempt to start an art studio business.

Though it is not easy, it’s also gratifying if you persist and believe in yourself.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you decide to start an art studio:

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Make a Business Plan

Any school will tell you that the first thing to do when starting any business is to plan. Unfortunately, many people skip this stage, leading to trouble further down the line. Make sure you write out your business plan and include all of the following:

Capital Requirements:

How much money do you need to start? Keep in mind that you will require more than just having the money itself. You’ll also need to look for a place to work, materials, and tools which could very easily cost tens of thousands of dollars depending on what kind of art you’re planning to produce.


Who are your customers? Will they be individuals or businesses purchasing your pieces or not? Will you be conducting art classes? Do customers have specific tastes regarding paintings or sculptures?

Are there any products they would like to see from your studio that they can’t get anywhere else? How many customers do you want to serve each month?

Work Hours:

When is the best time for people to visit and purchase art from you? What hours should the business be open if there is a storefront?

Are there any days that are not ideal for your customers to come in and purchase art?

Business Focus:

What type of art will you be selling or creating? The first step is choosing between a general term like ‘art’ or something more specific like ‘sculptures.’ Then you can build on from there. It’s also essential to have an overall business focus, which could be anything ranging from selling artwork to making jewelry.

Marketing & Advertising:

You can’t expect customers to come knocking on your door. An active advertising campaign is necessary to get people aware of your studio, which means you’ll need an online presence so people can see what you’re offering quickly and easily.

Operating Costs

There will always be daily and monthly costs for a business to run, such as rent on an office or studio space, utilities, and staff wages. It’s essential to calculate how much you need each month just in case you sell less than expected.

Studio Name

Artists are often creative when it comes to naming their studios, so don’t feel like this list restricts how you call your business. Use some imagination and brainstorm as many options as possible before settling on a name that makes sense for you.

Building a Website

When you’ve decided on a name for your art studio, make sure you have a website ready to go almost immediately after registering the business itself.

It won’t do much good to wait until you have an office or gallery space to start a company website since people will want to know about your business as soon as possible.

A simple site that showcases some of your work is more than enough for starters. Then gradually improve later on down the line.

You might not think your business is big enough yet, but getting started earlier is better as you get everything up and running smoothly.

Opting for an Art Studio Franchise

Because art studios are often seen as creative and artistic pursuits, it’s hard to know where to begin. It’s natural to feel like you’re going against the grain and those other people will be more successful than you.

When starting an art studio from scratch, there’s no guide as good as following someone who has done it before and knows what they’re doing.

Getting an art studio franchise is convenient to avoid some of the uncertainty you might be facing while starting a business.

A franchise will have all the methods in place for your success, including marketing strategies and even exclusive contracts with artists, which means you’ll be able to make money off their work along with your own.

Franchises are already established businesses that have been successful in multiple locations, so it’s easier to go into one than it is to start your own business from scratch.

You can still do well no matter what path you go down, but getting an art studio franchise of your own makes more sense in many different ways because people have already tested the process.


Starting an art studio is a pursuit that takes time and dedication, but if you’re passionate about what you do, it’ll be worth the effort. If you’re prepared to put in hard work towards your new business, then it’s likely to succeed.

Whatever methods you choose and strategies you employ, what’s important is that you get started as fast as possible, and you are happy with what you do. Everything else will fall into place when the time is right.


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