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Tips on Starting an SEO Company: Focus on These 7 Profitable Niches with Low Competition

In 2019, U.S. consumers spent at least $586.92 billion on online shopping. Ecommerce is growing at a remarkable rate, not just in the US and other developed countries, but also in developing countries.

With more entrepreneurs seeking SEO help to increase their online sales, a huge percentage chooses to outsource their SEO process and in some cases the entire online marketing department. This is your opportunity as an SEO expert to start your own online marketing company.

Niche selection isn’t always easy despite having e-Commerce knowledge. Being an SEO expert, you already know that some of the most popular online businesses have a high clientele base, and the competition is similarly high.

Remember that if you want to start a lucrative SEO company, you are not alone. There are thousands of others with same aspirations and they may have some advantage too. So, to succeed in your venture, you need to choose a niche that will allow you to compete favorably. This is probably the best way to build a reputable business in short time and win big clients.

Ideally, you need to choose profitable niches with low competition for your SEO Company to thrive.

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This article will discuss the list of profitable niches that can help your SEO company build credibility quickly. When looking for clients, look for the following industries:

Tips on Starting an SEO Company: Focus on These 7 Profitable Niches with Low Competition

1. Eco-Friendly Products

People are increasingly appreciating the environment and seeking ways to save nature. It’s not surprising to find a household keen on the use of renewable sources of energy. If you’re thinking of taking a new business onboard, consider a venture that encourages environmental sustainability.

A quick Google search can reveal that more people are searching for eco-friendly products. The variety of environmentally-friendly products you is inexhaustible and SEO for such a business should be more result oriented in short period.

2. Car Shipping Business

Car shipping is a venture that can keep you smiling to the bank within a few years. A car shipping business is one of the most profitable niches, yet the competition is considerably low. The regulations and documentation needed for one to run a car shipping company are probably one of the factors that have made it less populated.

A quick keyword research shows that some of the searches with very high volume have a very little competition. Which means, you can get your client ranked at top in less time !

However, to start SEOing a car shipping company properly, you need to be aware of the related terms searched widely on Google and you should be able to produce relevant content accordingly.

3. Dental Services

Lifestyle changes have made the demand for oral care to increase. More people are visiting dentists more than ever. As a result, dental clinics are surging, but still they are not too many as compared to general practitioners.

More dentists are considering taking their dental business online to beat the growing competition locally. Consumers are doing searches to see reviews before settling for a dentist. SEO, plays vital role here to increase the visibility of a dental clinic.

Do a little research and you will find that despite an increasing number of dentists, it is easy to rank a dental business in search results.

Even if you do not have previous experience of doing SEO for a dental business, you can find out more about SEO for dentists.

More information about a website for dental services you can find at, a useful online resource.

4. Health and Beauty Products

While looking for profitable niches with low competition, you’d probably never consider beauty products, because you always thought of these are highly competitive following the social media trends.

Well, the assumption is that millions of ventures are in the beauty industry. Yet, have you considered how many entrepreneurs are utilizing SEO to sell their health and beauty products?

Beauty products are ever in high demand. Thousands of people search online for these products at any given time. With extra effort, your client website can be a buzz of activity with visitors searching for items and making orders.

Once you decide to take a health and beauty business onboard, ensure that you go for organic products that are taking the industry by storm.

5. Kids Parties

The number of parents searching for kids’ party ideas, locations and products is remarkable. Surprisingly, the niche is less dominated. Pitching your services to these businesses can be quite profitable.

This one will, however, need more than just SEO, i.e. high-quality photos.

6. Pet Products

According to the American Pet Products Association, 68% of U.S. households had a pet in a 2016 survey. 70% of US families own a pet. With more than 94 million cats and 90 million dogs in American homes, investing in pet products is one of the most lucrative businesses. 

Getting such a client onboard can be quite a lucrative opportunity, as you can help the, grow to the next level in less time due to very low competition.

7. Sports Equipment

People are embracing a healthy lifestyle, which includes engaging in more sporting activities. Selling sports products in an online store is something almost all the major sports equipment manufacturers are considering.

These big business may have their in-house marketing department, but the the equipment has quite a high demand around the world where small businesses act as the vendors of these manufacturers.

Most of these small businesses cannot afford an in-house marketing department and that’s where you can jump in as an SEO company to take their business to the next level.

The Bottom Line

As an SEO expert, you may only be concerned about keywords and rankings, but when you plan to step up as an SEO entrepreneur, you need to be more of “jack of all”. So, know all the profitable yet low competetive niches and pitch your services to the businesses in these industries.

You may want to stick to a couple of niches initially, while you are building reputation for your business, but as you grow, you can expand your course of action to more niches.

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