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Startup Business Ideas for Travel Lovers

Working for someone else in a physical business can sometimes be restrictive. You can travel on your days off and when you take leave, but your work calendar can sometimes stop you from enjoying as much travel as you would like.

Depending on your skill set and passion for travel, you might be able to start a business that allows you to travel a little more than most. Consider these startup business ideas for fresh new travel opportunities:

Travel Agent

Becoming a travel agent can be a great idea when you’re passionate about tourist destinations and helping other avid travelers get to them. In this guide, you can learn how to become a Disney travel agent to help people plan their travels around Disney adventures. The more you learn about the life of a travel agent, the more eager you might be to consider this career change for yourself.

Travel agents often travel for free on familiarization trips to help them become familiar with the locations they’re trying to sell to their clients. You may also be able to deduct some of your travel costs from your taxes when they’re work-related.


If you’re passionate about photography, you might be eager to launch a travel photography business. You can earn money while traveling! Travel photographers are in the business of taking photos of incredible locations and using them as storytelling and educational opportunities. With time, experience, and exposure, they can sometimes make a great deal of money through freelancing or contracting to businesses.

Traveling Event Planner

Anyone who is already experienced in event planning after working for a corporation or company could consider using their skills in a traveling event planner role. Traveling event planners organize professional events and meetings all around the world. They must handle everything from flights and accommodation to catering and venues. Given this role’s complexity, travel to the planned locations is often required. The better at this job you get, the more in demand your skills might be worldwide.


If you can speak multiple languages, your skills might be more in demand than you think. Translators are required in nearly every industry and are typically needed at short notice worldwide.

With a desire to travel and make money simultaneously, starting your own translation business might make sense. You can start small with shop signs and promotional materials and work your way up to emails, books, and important conversations.

Wedding Planner

Wedding planners can be the glue of any wedding in the making. They keep brides calm, stop plans going awry, and put out fires left, right, and center. If you thrive in fast-paced environments and want to help couples enjoy their special day, become a wedding planner. Not only is it rewarding, but it’s also a career that often requires travel. Destination weddings are a standard part of the average wedding planner’s job.

Travel lovers don’t have to stagnate in a job that makes them feel stuck. With passion and a few skills, you may be able to explore some of these travel-friendly jobs above and see more of the world.

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