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7 Startup Ideas For Travel Lovers

Do you love to travel and want to make money off of it?

You don’t have to stay in one place to own a business. The digital age makes it so that you don’t need a physical shop.

Let us warn you, combining business and traveling isn’t for the faint-hearted!

But if you’re determined to see the world and own a business, check out these 7 business ideas. They’re great for people who want to make money on the road:

1. Online Coach

The internet makes it possible to teach anyone anything online. You can create online courses on topics like social media or digital marketing.

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If travel is your sole area of expertise, you can even teach people how to save money when they travel. You can also teach them something else that you are uniquely qualified for.

Your online courses can be about anything you wish. With this type of career, you can set up and keep track of your business from pretty much anywhere.

2. Virtual Personal Assistant

You may be familiar with the job profile of personal assistants. Celebrities, politicians, and business tycoons need personal assistants.

Being a virtual personal assistant, you get to set up your own business while minding other people’s affairs remotely. Virtual assistants are in high demand. They allow businesses to cut unnecessary payroll costs.

If problem-solving and time management are your strengths, consider creating an agency that manages schedules and arranges travel accommodations for clients. Your agency can also offer services like running errands and working with other staff members.

3. Translator

If you know several languages, creating a translation business is a great way to travel. Almost every industry needs some kind of translator.

They help globetrotting executives, international businesses, and high-profile individuals by translating documents. They also translate emails, books, conversations, and more.

If you don’t know where to get high-paying clients, don’t hesitate to start small. Offer a restaurant to translate their menu. You can also translate promotional materials for small businesses.

4. Vlogger

If you love photography and filming you could be a travel vlogger. YouTube makes vlogging a lucrative business.

To become a successful vlogger, you’ll probably have to start living out of a suitcase. But you have the perks too!  You could venture to the unexplored towns and cities of Italy or the beautiful countryside of France. And make a living out of it!

When you’re carrying a month’s haul of clothes and belongings, you might want to leave the bulk of your luggage in a city that allows you to connect your destinations. Don’t worry, you have the option of dropping your stuff off at luggage storage in Paris and hitting the road.

5. House Sitter

Many people don’t feel safe leaving their homes empty when they go on vacation. This is where house-sitters come in. Responsibilities include feeding pets, doing housework, and gathering mail.

There are listing services and websites to get your name out there. You can also create your agency, marketing yourself as trustworthy.

6. Language Teacher

Knowledge of a foreign language gives you many opportunities to travel and earn. Besides becoming a translator, you could become a tutor or teacher in a foreign country. You can teach students the English language. Or you could teach other languages to English speakers.

7. Illustrator

Online platforms will let you create your graphic designs. You can put them on mugs, t-shirts, and other products. They don’t require you to do any manufacturing.

Alternatively, you could start your own design company or illustration business. You can start this business from anywhere. You’ll need your laptop or tablet and a team of freelance designers.

You don’t have to choose between traveling and making money. There are several businesses you can make money with while on the road. Good luck!

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