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Startup Ideas in the Trading Field

For many people, the trading field is limited to either buying or selling things via a dedicated trading platform.

Startup Ideas in the Trading Field

Most people, when deciding they want to go into trading, simply look for crypto or Forex brokers and start trading.

However, other traders might also want to start their own businesses, especially after they’ve already mastered trading as a whole.

Therefore, in the following lines, we’ll take a look at some startup ideas that can be applied to the very popular field of trading!

Brokerage Firm

When you’re done dealing with the fees and terms of pretty much every broker out there, you can try to open your own brokerage firm.

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As you might already know, a broker is a connection between traders and what they buy on a daily basis – stocks, precious metals, oils, currency, crypto, and so on.

Naturally, starting a brokerage firm is not easy.

You need the proper team, a comprehensible trading platform, and quite a lot of permits from the representative bodies of your country (or of the country you want to open your brokerage in).

Software and Robot Design

Much of the trading market is controlled by and via software and robots. Software, for example, refers to the platforms that are used by both traders and brokers to facilitate trading.

But given the monopoly MetaTrader currently has, a startup creating a brand-new trading platform might not be the best idea.

On the other hand, robots to assist with trading could be quite profitable. These allow traders to automate trading movements and, ultimately, decrease the time they spend managing their portfolios.

Trading Coaching and Instruction

If you’re a professional trader, one of the most profitable startup ideas is a trading academy. At the moment, the top trading courses come from academies from throughout the world – mainly from the US and Asia.

But, as with all forms of education, it doesn’t matter whether the market is saturated or not. As long as your pricing is competitive and you have something new to bring to the table, you’ll most likely find a following.

Keep in mind that coaching comes with responsibilities as well, since people will literally put their funds in your hands. You’ll have to take responsibility if, for example, you give out trading advice that’s too aggressive.

Trading Signal Services

This might not be considered a full-fledged startup by some, but is nonetheless an amazing business idea.

Catered to professional traders once again, signal services in trading implies that you giving signals to other people as to when they should open or close a trading position.

Obviously, you’d be getting paid for each signal or each subscriber to your signal service.

This practice is quite similar to copy trading, but it can be very profitable if you’re a trader whose name is well known in the industry.

The Bottom Line

It’s true that the trading industry doesn’t come with many business opportunities. Other than becoming one of the most reputed Forex brokers around, people often determine it’s better to use the money they earn through trading to fuel other business ideas or dreams.

Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do more than pure trading when it comes to the trading field.


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