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A Comprehensive Startup PR Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

So you have a startup to promote and you are looking to get huge coverage for it on a limited budget?

Well, PR can do wonders for any startup, if done rightly and in order to do it rightly, you must follow some strategic guidelines and alter your efforts according to your very own situation.

In this article, I will discuss 5 strategic steps for startup PR and here it goes:

Startup PR Strategy in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1- Assess the Startup Readiness for PR

best pr for startups

You must realize the fact that Public relations is an investment and to make the most out of it, you must check the readiness before pushing the news in the media! Check these 9 steps for assessing startup readiness for PR.

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Step 2: Define Your PR Goals

pr goals

Certainly, the immediate goal of PR is to generate press coverage, but you must target to get in the future news even when you haven’t made an announcement.


Step 3: Create a Newsworthy Story for Startup PR

how to create newsworthy pr

Well, your story matters most, so make sure to have a newsworthy story. Focus on the problem that your startup is solving and how different it is from the competitors and you will find the newsworthiness.


Step 4: Formulate Your PR Strategy

Well, PR is not just about writing a press release and distributing it on few websites, but any medium that covers your story should be part the plan, i.e. guest articles on industry blogs, social mentions in active community pages and groups, product discovery platforms, Press Release sites, etc. In fact, the PR plan should be well integrated with a foolproof marketing strategy.


So, strategize accordingly. Here I can give you a glimpse of what can be done for each medium.

=> Use guest articles, written by the startup CEO or ghostwritten on their behalf. It’s going to build the person as an authority within the industry.

=> Filter out active social media groups and pages that have your target audience.

=> List all the product discovery tools and platforms.

=> Reach targeted journalists with a short pitch in an email.

=> Use regular press releases to inform journalists and news sites about the latest updates and happenings within your company.


Step 5: Amplify Your Coverage


Once an article about your startup comes online, share it on your social media, press section on your website, and blog. You can also send the story to investors, customers, and your employees via email, encouraging them to share it further.

I hope the quick steps above will help you get set for a successful PR campaign for your startup, however, you must also be ready to deal the unpleasant situations. Here you can find 7 Tips for Startups to Manage & Improve Reputation during Crisis.

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