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Startup Team is Not Getting Along; How to Get Different People Work Together?

Managing people is one of the most difficult tasks on the planet for a very simple reason that human behavior is unpredictable. It becomes even more difficult when the team consists of people from diverse cultures and customs. At the same time diversity in the workplace is essential as it infuses more ideas and information in the team resources.

It’s a well know fact that the heterogeneous groups provide much better and efficient solutions than homogenous groups and having a diverse workforce is a big plus for any business, and especially for a startup. But, let me be clear that diversity at workplace works best only when you are managing it effectively.

An un-managed diverse workforce doesn’t make sense. The most common challenge comes right in the beginning when the the diverse startup team doesn’t go along. As a result, the targets are not achieved and the productivity is low.

getting startup team along

Following steps will help to get different people work together in a startup team and in fact you can develop a highly productive startup team.

1- Encourage interaction

You must get your team together and indulge in various team building and interaction exercises. From simple introductions to assigning partner of different culture will promote the interaction in your team. A good idea is to team them up in way that one hard worker and one smart workers get in one team. Two people while working for common goal will surely go along.

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You can also introduce some non-work related team activities like activities on employee day outs, fun activities with the use of hoverboards and so on, to improve the employees interaction.

2- Deal with fairness

Irrespective of whether you are dealing with personal issues of your team or professional issues, you need to be sensitive and fair. However, in some cases treating everyone exactly the same does more harm than good and thus you need to look at the broader picture. For example, avoid meeting on religious days or give an early off to people who are on fasting etc.

Treating employees fairly helps them focus on navigating the challenges in front of them and they perform better when they are respected and cared for. You can apply same principle, i.e. every employee respects the other and they are fair to each other.

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3- Reward team rather than individual

It doesn’t mean that individual rewards shall be kept aside. However, you should give your team recognition and make them realize about their contributions which has led to this success. This is a great way, when teams compete for the organizational productivity. You should also restructure the teams periodically to make is a healthy competition.


Wrapping it up!

Get along with your team and you will find the way for the team members to get along with each other and work for common goals.

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