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How Startups Can Use Pinterest to Their Advantage

Pinterest is a popular dais where one can share different images. Businesses are also using this platform to actively promote their products. The key focus of any business is to highlight their key feature while generating awareness about their brands and products.

Showcasing the best side of their business will favor every company.

Pinterest was created to save ideas in mind. Boards are tightly curated collections of ideas that can be viewed and contributed to by others. These boards may be browsed, shared, and sometimes even created by others.

These concepts can include anything from art to food, gardening, automobiles, and aesthetics. Finding Pinterest marketing gurus that can help you through the techniques and best practices for using Pinterest in your marketing efforts is a highly beneficial endeavor.

You can also get help from a Pinterest growth service and grow your fan base through marketing techniques. This will save you money now and will help you save a lot more money in the future on paid advertising.

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So let’s explore some Pinterest features a startup can use to grow.

Use Rich Pins

Harping on all the opportunities that will make your business garner more attention, rich pin functions will be in your best interest if you are planning to promote yourself on Pinterest.

It enables you to provide additional details in your post, allowing your pin to stand out from the rest of the page. There are six different categories of rich pins: apps, places, articles, products, recipes, and movies. Apps are the most common type of rich pin.

To fully utilize Pinterest, you need to make the most out of pins. There are six types of pins that you can use:

  1. App pins: these pins have an installation button within each pin, thus making it easier for the user to download from Pinterest, but this feature is presently available only for iOS apps.
  2. Movie pins: This includes ratings and reviews and is perfect for movie lovers.
  3. Recipe pins: It includes ingredients and cooking tips.
  4. Article pins: One can create a reading list using this pin.
  5. ​Product pins: If you promote your business or product, this pin is the best for you; it cones real-time pricing availability of products and location.
  6. Place pins:  This pin includes maps and location and is perfect for travelers.

Product pins are likely to be used more frequently by B2C businesses than by B2B businesses, although both B2B and B2C businesses can profit from them. These allow you to include pricing structures on the pin and inform consumers if an item is now available for purchase.

These will assist you in driving traffic to your website and generating leads who are more likely to become customers.

Make Use of Hashtags

It’s always been controversial whether hashtags work on Pinterest, and opinions have always been divided.  Using them appropriately can be incredibly effective at attracting traffic to your board of directors.

So, you must use them appropriately and in moderation, just as you would on Twitter. Using a large number of hashtags would not get your message seen. They will also reverse effect and detract from your search engine ranking position.

Make certain that your hashtags are always relevant to the material you’re promoting. Don’t try to coerce them into joining you. However, you must use the right kind of hashtags, see what is relevant to your profile, and choose the one that best matches your profile.

Pinterest for Business Account

We recommend you create a business account on Pinterest rather than a personal account so that you can make use of business account functionality such as advertising and reporting.

To set up a new account on Pinterest, you simply register as a business and fill out the required information, including your email address, username, company brand, and website.

You could also select your business category from the drop-down menu. If you currently have a personal Pinterest account, you can easily convert it to a business account by following a few simple instructions given on the site.

Add Pinterest Save Buttons to Your Site

It doesn’t matter your Pinterest marketing objectives for your company; you must get more users to pin your post to their boards. In addition to increasing the number of Pinners aware of your brand, this also encourages more individuals to access and explore your website and purchase your products.

As a result, you must make it as simple as possible for individuals to complete the desired activity, such as pinning your material. One of

Pinterest’s best practice for accomplishing this is to include save buttons on your website, allowing visitors to finish the task with a single click. Create appropriate save buttons for your website using the Pinterest Widget Builder available for free.

Keep Your Audience in Mind

Think carefully about what you’re pinning before you do! Before you begin Pinning, you’ll need to choose the keywords you would like to rank for to ensure that your Pins appear in front of the appropriate audience.

Pins are indexed by Google & searchable on Pinterest, which means that effective keywords are essential for articles on this social media website.

Choose two to three keywords connected to your company and that you want to rank for in search results. If you’re not certain what to use, experiment with several options.

Consider using a free SEO tool or a commercial SEO resource such as Moz. These websites dissect the relationship between keyword density and ranking competition.

Gather Useful Insights from Analytics Data

By incorporating a data-driven approach and studying analytics, you can enjoy amazing benefits. These include gaining insights into accurate data, foreseeing profit from shifts in patterns, as well as taking advantage of every new wave that’s going to emerge.

Pinterest does have a built-in tool that serves analytics, allowing you to see which of your pins are the most popular and which ones are most beneficial to your profile. Using this information, you can create similar content to keep the game going.

With so many already-existing advantages of Pinterest for company owners, analytics can be extremely beneficial in moving your company forward.

Concluding Thoughts

Considering that over 95% of Pinterest results are not branded, your product or business on boards can assist in reaching new Pinners who are interested in specific themes or people looking for particular things.

With the useful tips mentioned above, you can easily use Pinterest in favor of your business and also gain more attention and followers.


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