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Startups Guide to Highly Effective & Result Oriented SEO

There has always been a tight relationship between SEO and startups. A lot of startup founders are of the opinion that startups must be engaged in SEO, while some think they should not. SEO has also been a low priority mainly because some startup communities have stigmatized it as manipulative. However, being a marketer for more than a decade and having been working for multiple startups, I personally feel the urge of SEO for startups right from the beginning.

In fact, today, no digital marketing strategy can be successful if it doesn’t focus on SEO. Every startup needs more and more users in order to grow, and SEO is meant to increase the number of people arriving at your site through organic search results, which means SEO helps a business in regular user acquisition in the long run. But, this is not the only benefit of SEO for a startup; search engine optimization efforts have a great potential to enhance the effect of your other marketing strategies.

How much effective startup SEO costs?

Since startups are the businesses on a tight marketing budget, the first question they have in mind is “how much would SEO cost?”

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Well, practicing SEO is more like practicing meditation, i.e. it’s an ongoing journey that requires a lifetime of work, so the cost depends upon how much and at what speed you want to grow your business. Moreover, startups face not just the scarcity of monetary resources, but also time and human resources. In this scenario, where the startup team is focusing mainly on product development, in-house SEO may not be a feasible idea. You need enough time to hire right people, and getting SEO done by wrong people can cost you the entire business, so outsourcing SEO at this point of time is a wise idea.

Why should startups consider a white label SEO Company?

Internet Marketing is one the industries that change constantly and the change is often too faster. Only white label SEO companies stand as most trusted service providers in this scenario. Here are some reasons why:

  • More and more developments and advancements take place every day in the online marketing scenario and due to this sped-up change, it is nearly impossible for small and mid-sized SEO companies to keep up with each and every development on time. This is one big reason to opt for a white label SEO Company.
  • Apart from the above reason, there are high costs involved in setting up an in-house SEO team, i.e. hiring, tools & training etc. Using automated-semi-automated and manual SEO packages of a white label SEO Company, you save a lot of set-up costs. You can use that money to deliver more results.
  • Small and mid-sized companies as they either hire interns or junior level resources may not be able to deliver better results because of lack of understanding. On the other hand, white label SEO Companies employ the best resources only, who have a great understanding of niche and localized SEO.
  • In case if you are a media or marketing related startup, you have the chance to increase your revenues simply by reselling the services/products of your white label partner. All you have to do is to sell, the delivery is due on the white label company!
  • Since small and mid-sized SEO companies cannot keep up with regular updates, chances are that your business may receive a search engine penalty. On part of white label SEO companies, they do not just keep up with the updates, but most of the times, they predict the updates long before they happen, hence your chances of getting a search engine penalty drop drastically.

 How to find the right white label SEO Company for my startup?

The best white label SEO Company for your startup is the one that understands your niche and your startup goals well and offers products/services/tools to achieve those goals. Moreover, you should consider the following characteristics:

  • Awesome Support
  • Result Oriented Claims
  • Good Reputation
  • Many Successful Customers
  • Affordable Price

To find such a company, the first thing you should do is to look for customer reviews, and I am sure, you will find all of the items in the above list too.

While I was doing the same research, I found The HOTH which has a great deal of awesome reviews by real people. Reading reviews is a great way to get insights like, how the company works, what type of businesses it helps best etc.

Personally, I was quite impressed by the reviews of The HOTH not just on Facebook, but on various other websites that I signed up for the service to explore more. And, I am very much confident in recommending the service for startups because they have everything that a startup needs to kick start SEO, i.e. tiered link building, local link building, link acquisition from high DA pages, highly effective content marketing, managed blogging, keyword research, on-page SEO, and press release & distribution. You can buy individual service as well as a package containing multiple options depending upon your budget and requirements.

Can The HOTH really help me take my startup to the next level?

Taking your startup to the next level means an impressive user base over a specific time period. If your startup website is up for more than six months and still not getting any traffic, despite the fact that you have an awesome product and high-quality content, I am sure, using the Hoth services can be a fruitful investment.

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